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Nigerians Have Decided On Their Next President



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Nigerians Have Decided On Their Next President

Nigerians Have Decided On Their Next President

The primaries conducted by all parties for all elective offices for the forthcoming elections have not in any way disappointed. Hell had been let loose. There were throwing of tantrums here and there. There were character assassination and maligning of candidates’ personalities. There were also horse-trading. There have been concessions especially where it’s apparent that a victorious candidate during the primaries is most likely guaranteed to win during the proper elections.

However, fringe parties like Labour Party and the rest didn’t have to navigate through those routes. They didn’t have to make concessions to anyone. These are parties that are just looking for relevance, satisfying with testing their popularity in the political sphere. They’re conscious of the fact that, they’re just in the fray to make up the number.

Peter Obi emerged effortlessly as presidential candidate without any opposition whatsoever. In fact, the party practically placed the ticket on his laps. And till date, he has remained a social media tiger; no structure, no political ideology, no wherewithal to run a huge election as presidential election and of course, no party faithful and adherents who could stick with him during the thick and thin, except few exuberant and overzealous young folks who are just comfortable that an Igbo man is also being represented in the mix of presidential candidates for the forthcoming elections.

All the above, remained speculations in the minds of corrupt leaders without vision.

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The situation in PDP, the major opposition party has remained calamitous. Governor Nyesom Wike, of Rivers State has succeeded in holding the party by the jugular, fragmenting and tearing her apart ahead of the general elections.

Wike is deeply annoyed that he wasn’t only denied of the presidential ticket by the PDP cabal, he was equally prevented to emerge as vice-presidential candidate. Interestingly, most of major stakeholders of the party including very many PDP incumbent governors shared this sentiment and have been faithfully and religiously on his side. They’ve been following him to every meeting both home and abroad in the quest to find solution.

Wike also has a battle he’s fighting, which seems to be very pertinent to the Southerners, whereas he has insisted that the party chairman, Ayu resigns, as he claims that the Presidential candidate cannot come from the North and so the party chairman, also in line, is the massive positions being occupied by the Northern party members.

Meanwhile, APC remains the only party that has demonstrated orderliness, stability and decorum particularly after their presidential primaries. Despite the cloud that hovered around the party before the presidential primaries, the presidential candidate of the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s ingenuity, political skills and unusual ability in navigating through obvious challenges coupled with the tacit assistance of President Buhari has succeeded in resetting, refocusing and redirecting the vision of the party and truly set her apart as the party to beat.

With spirited efforts of the candidate and maximum supports of NWC, as well as other party hierarchies across the land, APC continually maintains an impregnable and indomitable structure and political fortress across the country capable of claiming resounding victory for the party presidential candidate, as well as other candidates for various elective offices.

Tinubu aims to provide Transformational Leadership that has ability to unify all Nigerians irrespective of creed, beliefs, political bias, religious persuasion and ideology. Also, the APC presidential candidate hopes to leverage on modern technology for digital transformation and rapid economic growth.

These promises are well suited for present situation and particularly to win election for APC, and even in resounding manner.

This underlies the groundswell of support for the APC and her presidential candidate in all the nooks and crannies, as well as amongst all the major stakeholders across the length and breadth of the nation.

The above, not withstanding, the people have made their choices known, through series of unsponsored rallies, campaigns, supports, unsponsored structures, all in support of Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential candidate.

This feats shows that the people bestow more trust on Obi than Atiku, or even Tinubu, coupled with the peaceful processes which produced him.

Indeed, Nigerians have decided who will lead the come 2023, Peter Obi is favoured.

Kwankwaso seems no where close to the battle, there are speculations he might dump his party, the NNPP, betray his few followers and peach his tent on the highest bidder.

Sowore is still practicing comedy skits, talking Peter Obi instead of promoting his clueless ambition, therefore, he is yet to be ready for any contest in Nigeria.

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