Mass Resignation Of Lecturers: Many Lecturers Have Resigned Cries ASUU Chairman

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Mass Resignation Of Lecturers: Many Lecturers Have Resigned Cries ASUU Chairman

Our reporter reports that ASUU Chairman, speaking to PUNCH on Sunday, bemoaned the fact that many professors have left the country or are now involved in farming or other economic activities.

Many union members, according to the union’s president, had to seek alternative means of support because the federal government refused to pay them the seven months’ worth of back salary they had accrued while on strike.

Osodeke voiced his concern for Nigeria, noting that the FG may think it is punishing professors, but the country will suffer as a result of their actions.

He said, “Many professors are abandoning their academic careers to pursue careers in farming and other fields because they are sick of the way the government treats them.” Even once the strike ends, many more people will still leave.

I feel terrible about what this means for Nigeria. They would rather punish professors than come to the table and discuss possible solutions to the problem. So tragic. You fear that since your professors have gone on strike that they would become hungry and return to your school to beg. Many professors will also quit to pursue new opportunities; some are even considering going into business for themselves.

Dele Ashiru, chairman of the ASUU at the University of Lagos, confirmed Osodeke’s assertions, saying that over 70% of the country’s greatest brains who were retained had emigrated.

When asked about the current government’s treatment of the country’s brightest minds, Ashiru noted in an interview with Arise TV that no previous administration has shown such disregard for their feelings.

After the strike ends, it may become clear what effect the government’s callousness and use of the weapon of hunger has. As we speak, more than 70% of the promising young academics the institution had maintained through mentoring have all departed Nigeria for better opportunities abroad because of the dismal working circumstances there.

“The remaining people are getting ready to leave. When it comes to the country’s brightest minds, no government in Nigeria’s history has been as insensitive, rude, and contemptuous as the current one. It’s just too bad that this has happened.

“We don’t care what other people do since ASUU is a union of intellectuals. We base our judgments on evidence, and the evidence we have seen so far does not indicate that this government is a responsible and wise one.

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