Philanthropic impact of MAF and it’s Relevance To The People

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Philanthropic impact of MAF and it’s Relevance To The People.


Philanthropy in a political setting has proved itself an agent for change. Wealth translated into funding for research and analysis, debate, advocacy, and campaigning can impact significantly on public life. For example, the campaign to abolish the slave trade has been identified as one of the greatest achievements of historic philanthropy in the UK.

Philanthropy has always been used as a tool to break a record in the history of the world, giving it relevance in our current situation one will agree with me that there was a need for the impact that is being felt today, where pain and suffering have become a watch word in our current society that has neglected it poor citizens to their fate .

The Maurice Akueme Foundation MAF was born out of a need,to touch humanity and bring succour for suffering, and like fruit whose season is due MAF did exploits, till today the foundation is reaching out to the people and the popularity of the foundation is growing daily.

Change-making philanthropy, which focuses on promoting social justice and bringing reform, has a distinctly political edge.

That’s why it’s no longer news the distinct call to the founder Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme to come over and run for a political position.

While the MAF name is synonymous with tackling root causes to establish a ‘fairer, peaceful and more democratic society’. The Maurice Akueme Foundation which places itself deliberately at the cutting edge of difficult and contentious issues to create a ‘charity across difference’ has been highly active in supporting social change , for example its long support for the work that led eventually in reaching out to the most vulnerable in our society.

Building houses for widows, paying tuition fees of students both in the secondary and tertiary institution, reaching out to the sick in the hospitals, granting welfare packages to youth corpers and a lot of other philanthropic gestures.

The Foundation is critical to supporting activities that provide platforms for and strengthen the voices of people that have less power or influence in the media or in decision-making processes and can also use their convening power to bring together diverse stakeholders in order to influence thinking and action.

Some are calling for more charitable foundations and trusts to become more involved in funding answers and to challenge the status quo.

As more examples emerge of donors successfully tackling intractable and systemic problems through political engagement, it is likely that more philanthropists will venture into ‘change-making’ in the hope of funding the answers to some of the most pressing social and environmental questions of our times and while furthering their respective personal aims.

Indeed MAF has become a trail blazer of our time.




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