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Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme’s Inside out Approach To Leadership and Life.

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Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme’s Inside out Approach To Leadership and Life.

Great leadership is generative. That is, it is concerned about the care and growth of future generations, helping them live with dignity and raising them to new levels of morality and motivation.

Together we will work to support courage where there is fear, foster agreement where there is conflict and inspire hope where there is despair.

There is no advantage in assuming that the world in which you live and work is stable and predictable. So, change is inevitable. Imagine the impact you could have if you applied these lessons like Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme has been doing to touch humanity.

He maintains a clear sense of purpose, value, and meaning to rise above immediate circumstances.
Thus making him a change catalyst that’s drawing so much attention, leading to the calls coming from different quarters for him to bring in his wealth of knowledge and bless our political climate in Enugu West senatorial zone.

Adaptability and change management requires strong emotional and social intelligence. It is a part of inside-out leadership being practiced by Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme, njikokamma 1 of Enugu State.

Effective leaders are more secure in themselves; they possess a sense that they can handle whatever may come their way; their self-awareness and self-trust are bigger than the circumstances of change.

Again Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme is a Humanitarian of high repute who does not allow tribe or race hinder his good will that’s why uptill now he has received so much awards coming from different places and people of other climes.

Support the game changer.
Vote njikokamma 1 of Enugu State for senate race 2023.


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