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Ekweremadu Contesting For Senate, Guber, Negotiation or Rooting For the Future ?

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Ekweremadu Contesting For Senate, Guber, Negotiation or Rooting For the Future ?

Ekweremadu Contesting For Senate, Guber, Negotiation or Rooting For the Future ?

Though the distinguished Senator Ike Ekweremadu; the former Deputy Senate President and Senator representing Enugu West Senatorial Zone had purchased declaration of interest and nomination forms for guber in Enugu state — there are speculations that there’s more to it than shown.

According to deposition from concerned indigenes of Enugu State, Ike is known for twisting the political atmosphere of Enugu State to suit his interest.

There’s also the speculation that since Ike knows and understands the zoning tradition of Enugu state and decides to contest regardless, shows there is more to it.

Some have also argued that Ike as usual would thwart the political culture of Enugu State by giving certain conditions to which the elections or primaries should be conducted or by secretly purchasing the Senatorial form to return to the Senate should he fail to secure the ticket of the People’s Democratic Party during the guber primaries.

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These thoughts have made party faithfuls who believe in and support the zoning system of Enugu state to be at alert during meetings and gathering— in watch not to allow the Ekweremadu’s camp to take over, disturb party gatherings; these persons may otherwise be known as the Gburus or Gburus extremists.

Sen. Ike Ekweremadu, during his open declaration at Best Western Hotel Plus Enugu said that there’s nothing like zoning in Enugu State and that zoning is not constitutional whereas the supporters of the system have backed there arguments up with signed documents of gentleman agreements reached during a meeting where zoning was discussed.

Ekweremadu’s supporters have however cried fowl; they said the documents are fake.

Ike Ekweremadu’s supporters had disclaimed the rumors flying that Ekweremadu purchased form to return to the Senate.

Regardless all the rantings; Charity Reporters can reliably tell it’s teeming followers and readers that Ekweremadu has purchased form for Guber but cannot say if he has his eyes on the Senate should the guber fail and can also not tell if he has other intentions, we have heard from reliable sources that he has also visited some top stakeholders of the state to give him a nod to return to the Senate but Charity Reporters hasn’t verified this claim and if he has purchased form for Senate yet because his campaign DG has yet to disclaim nor acknowledge the allegations.

Though he had vowed not to return to the Senate.

On rooting for the future, this may not favor him should he fail to grab any of the political ticket for 2023 because by after 8 years of Enugu East reign, age may not allow Ekweremadu vie and by 2031, many youths from Enugu West would have been politically empowered, grown or stronger.

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  1. Well, I feel that Ike understands the tradition and its sole essence. But I feel again that he is bored of Senate house and wants to come home. Though my humble advice is for him to be acting stakeholdership, a major one at that until 2031.

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