Everywhere people are asking what can I do to support Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme to the red chambers.

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Everywhere people are asking what can I do to support Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme to the red chambers.


We all need encouragement in life. It helps us gain confidence and move forward. It is an indication that we did a good job and that we should continue what we started. Either by kind words or supporting actions, the power of encouragement helps a person to rise on his feet and achieve his dreams. Being a person who encourages others, and who accepts and appreciates any encouragement he receives Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme has through his faith in the people received total support from all corners today.


No human being is an island. We all need other people on our side to live a good-quality life. These may be friends, relatives, or even strangers.

You can’t achieve anything entirely by yourself. There’s a support system that is a basic requirement of human existence. To be happy and successful on earth, you just have to have people that you rely on.

Today the call of duty beckons on all of us a group, as a foundation and as a nation.

The support of men and women who believes in the course of action, that Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme Is the right candidate for Senate is spreading like a wild fire.

Everywhere people are asking what can I do to support Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme to the red chambers.

Everyone is willing and ready to give his part to ensure that Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme becomes voted into the leadership position of Enugu west senatorial zone.

Everyone, everywhere people are saying we want Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme as our senator.

It’s so amazing the difference you have created to bring out this willingness from the people.

Because everyone is saying if it’s Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme I will do anything possible to support him.

If someone comes in without having been on a spiritual path for long, he or she still will understand what is happening to them in their human lives, what is happening through the evolution, how their humanness is playing such an important role at this time, and where they are in their lives with their inner feelings. It actually gives them a support system, a base from which they can start to evolve naturally within themselves through the understanding of our humanness, of our imperfection.

Champions are pioneers, and pioneers get shot at. The person that get the most from champions, therefore, is the one that have rich support network so their pioneers will flourish. This point is so important it’s hard to overstress. No support systems, no champions. No champions, no innovations.

The thing to remember with support is that true support always brings you back to your own sense of agency and confidence, not your need to rely on something or someone outside of you. A person who offers it to you with integrity does so in a way that makes space for your fear and insecurities and doubts, whether rational or not, but does not enable them.

Surround yourself with people who don’t just ask how you are doing. Surround yourself with people who make an effort to make sure they are part of the reason you are doing so well.

Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme Is enjoying the support of the people today because the people trust him and they also believe in total that he’s the right person for the job.

Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme Is the right man to represent us at Enugu west senatorial zone

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