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Doctors Mobilize For Peter Obi

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Doctors Mobilize For Peter Obi

Doctors Mobilize For Peter Obi

Doctors organise ‘political sanitation’ for Peter Obi in Anambra

Medical Doctors in Anambra State has mobilized a sanitation clean up in the state. According to the medical experts under an organised body, “Doctors For Peter Obi”, their aim was to sanitize and clean up all kinds of physical, spiritual, political mess in Nigeria for the emergence of Pete Obi as president of Nigeria in 2023.

“Doctors for Good Governance”, as they are also known, who are solidly behind the ambition of the Labour Party, presidential candidate, Mr Obi, for 2023 presidential election, said the environmental sanitation exercise was simultaneously conducted in other States in South East, apart from the ones that held in Nnewi, Onitsha and Awka, the Anambra State capital.

Addressing newsmen shortly after the sanitation exercise, an Anambra State born, South East Zonal Director and State Coordinator, for the group, Dr. Henry Eze, said the exercise in collaboration with the Coalition for Peter Obi Movement, was to “symbolically and significantly clean up all kinds of physically, spiritually, politically, and otherwise, insanity and mess in Nigeria.”

He said that they are massively mobilizing support for Mr Peter Obi and his running mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed, adding, Nigerians have suffered enough decadence under successive government over the years in every sphere of life, and they therefore, want the positive change that Mr. Obi and Baba-Ahmed, will bring.

According to Eze, “Nigeria has experienced huge destructions, including destruction of lives and property, and naira devaluation with their negative consequences. The country is at the brink of total collapse. So, everybody should be ‘OBIdient’ to reclaim our country, Nigeria.

“This is the time to act, this is the time to do the right things to bring good governance to this nation. We have been mobilizing support for Mr. Peter Obi and his running mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed. Nigeria has suffered enough decadence over the years in every sphere of life. We want a positive change which only Obi and Baba-Ahmed will bring.

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“This cleanup exercise going on here now in Nnewi, is equally going on in Onitsha, and Awka, the state capital, is simultaneously going on in other parts of the South East as we speak, all for Peter Obi and Baba-Ahmed.

“Nigeria truly and earnestly deserves Obi and Baba-Ahmed, as her President and Vice President respectively now, and we are seriously strategizing through every legitimate means to ensure their victory.

“We, Doctors for Peter Obi, Nigeria and the Diaspora have done PVC registrations and free medical outreaches in many States and Local Government Areas in Nigeria, in collaboration with Medics for Peter Obi and we are still conducting free medical outreaches. We participated in the last Sunday one Million-Man-March for Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed in Onitsha and different parts of Nigeria.

“We intend to do more and to ensure that they are elected without condition attached. We believe in their philosophy of not giving any money to get the votes of Nigerians, our slogan “We never give “Shishi” to anybody for support is real. We organized this cleanup exercise through our personal efforts.

“We finance the group and movements through our personal funds because of the interest, trust and confidence we have in Peter Obi becoming the President and Baba-Ahmed, his Vice come 2023.”

Dr Eze said “Obi as a Governor of Anambra was the first to commence sub-sovereign wealth savings, the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa. The first time in the history of Anambra State, Ambassadors and High Commissioners of notable countries such as United States, Britain, Russia, European Union, South Africa, Belgium, Israel, the Netherlands, Canada, among others, visited the State.

“Development partners such as UNDP, UNICEF, the World Bank, DFID, the European Union, among others which hitherto were not in Anambra State, started working with the State and Anambra was consistently adjudged one of the best states in development partnership and commitment to reforms for good governance.

“Mr. Obi was recognised as the best Governor by the Millennium Development Goals Office (OSSAP-MDGs) and the UNDP in the implementation of their programmes in Nigeria. The Nigerian Debt Management Office, DMO, rated Anambra as the least indebted State in Nigeria. In spite of visible and measurable achievements recorded in various sectors, the State under Mr Obi, did not borrow or raise bonds for her various projects.

“The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria rated Anambra State as the most financially stable state in the country. The state’s ground-breaking return of Schools to their original owners, the Churches, on January 1, 2009, and subsequent partnership with the agencies in education, saw the state move from 24th position out of 36 states, to Number One in National Examination Council, NECO and West African Examination Council, WAEC, examinations for three consecutive years.

“This made the World Bank to commission a study, led by the renowned Prof. Paul Collier of Oxford University, on the revolutionary partnership and phenomenal achievement.

“Mr. Peter Obi is capable, credible, young, full of vigor and great visions, free from criminal and corruption charges, well-educated, and a humble trailblazer with notable and verifiable achievements,” “GO AND VERIFY”, He said.

Doctors Mobilize For Peter Obi.

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