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Peter Obi Is Not Normal

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Peter Obi Is Not Normal

By Amb Henry Foresyth

It’s not yet 2023 election, there is already an uproar, please Peter Obi is not normal.

Do you know what it means to leave a political party that has a signature in the nation?

He abandoned all political parties with foundations and went to join a small party that many of us are just hearing the name for the first time yet people are willing to follow him.

The party has received massive membership and volunteers across the nation because of one man.

Believe me Peter obi is not normal, fear that man. His spiritual backup is large.

Fear a man who hasn’t ascended the presidential seat and people are ready to die for him, that man has won God’s heart.

He didn’t contest or aspire for any other political position for almost 8 years he left the seat of the Anambra state government as a governor yet he is still relevant to date.

Fear that man who single-handedly decides to create history by shocking the nation by resigning from a political party that people see as a backup.

That man is not normal.

For a nation to be crying and protesting for one man to be given the presidential seat, help me tell someone that man has encountered the Trinity government that is far bigger than the earthly government.

Peter Obi is not normal

Prophet T.B Joshua, before he died said I am seeing a new Nigeria and that new Nigeria is a beautiful country and those that have spoilt Nigeria will not live to see that beautiful Nigeria.

Apostle Johnson Suleman said I see an Igbo president in 2023.

Prophet Isaiah’s wealth gave a prophecy about a new Nigeria where a new president took over power and people were jubilating.

The attention that Peter Obi is commanding, no matter how you try to rig the election Peter obi will win, fear that man, he is a government on his own.

Peter Obi is following prophetic instructions that many people don’t know!!!

That man is not moving carnally That man has encountered God.

That man is not normal

The way God is mapping the seat for him even witches and wizards, including native doctors will vote for him.

That man has won God’s heart.

Mr. Peter Obi is a movement.

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