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Peter Obi’s Speech In Washington DC, USA

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Peter Obi’s Speech In Washington DC, USA

Peter Obi’s Speech In Washington DC, USA

Peter Obi has embarked on a state wide tour, which is part of his consultation and sensitization strategy ahead of 2023 general election. He was in Washington DC, USA, in the campus of Howard University. Below is his speech during his consultation with Diasporan Nigerians.

“I am delighted to be in Washington, DC – the Chocolate City and on this historical campus of Howard University. Thanks immensely for inviting me. And special thanks to the attendees. I salute Phillip Njowusi, for coordinating this event.

“I will define good governance as a theoretical concept; identify what role I think the Nigeria Diaspora can play, and finally, share my insights on what we intend to do when we come to power in May 2023.

Peter Obi, Pat Utomi, Flavour, Phyno in Washington DC, USA
Peter Obi, Pat Utomi, Flavour, Phyno in Washington DC, USA

“Effective and Efficient, Follows the rule of law, participatory and consensus oriented. What they require, is a leadership imbued with competence, capacity, credibility and commitment. These are the 4 Cs,ad leadership values required to turn Nigeria around.

“Nigeria Diaspora family has the capacity to catapult Nigeria from good to great.

“It is our shared common value to build a democratic, just and egalitarian Nigeria that has brought us all together today. Membership, they say, has its privileges. Thus, Nigeria Diaspora has a continuing role and responsibility toward nation building and national development.

Peter Obi In Washington DC, USA

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Peter Obi Dares FG

“Some of you are here in the United States by choice; but majority are stranded here, but not by choice. Our national circumstances have compelled your sojourn here. But I am certain of this: If your hearts were not in Nigeria, if you were not patriotic, you won’t be here today.

“The primary responsibility of the citizens in governance is twofold: to elect their leaders and secondly, to hold such leaders accountable.

“Good governance simply translates to eight critical governance values and an unfettered commitment to upholding them. These are a leadership or government being: Accountable, Transparent, Responsive, Equitable and Inclusive.

“We will trigger every known technological and knowledge transfer initiator. Nigeria’s brain drain will be turned into brain gain.

“With $20 billion in remittances in 2021, Nigeria ranks 6th behind the top five recipient countries; namely; India Mexico, China, the Philippines, Egypt, and Bangladesh.

“Expert assessments indicate that with proper policy and planning, we can leapfrog to about $60b in remittances annually. That will translate to about 14% of our total GDP.

“In 2021 Nigeria’s foreign direct investment (FDI) was $4.8 billion. Therefore, I see Diaspora remittances as the new normal and becoming Nigeria’s Official Development Assistance (ODA); some kind of foreign loan-without interest.

“We have to ensure that by 2027 general elections, Nigeria Diaspora must have a voice to collectively express themselves via absentee ballots”.

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