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See New Baby Born With Eyelash That Extend To Lips

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See New Baby Born With Eyelash That Extend To Lips

Baby Diagnosed With Eyelash Trichomegaly After Birth With Lashes That Extend To Lips

A photo of a baby born with lashes so long they extend to the infant’s lips is going viral.

The photo was shared on Instagram and it was revealed in the caption that the child was diagnosed with Eyelash Trichomegaly.

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Eyelash Trichomegaly is a congenital condition in which the eyelashes are abnormally long.

The condition can manifest at birth or later in life.

According to Instagram account, Medical Creations, Trichomegaly tends to have a benign course, but can lead to psychological disturbances and can result in corneal abrasions and visual disturbances, if trichiasis occurs.

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