Imagine What Yul Edochie Has To Tell Nigerians After Taking A Second Wife

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Imagine What Yul Edochie Has To Tell Nigerians After Taking A Second Wife


Did you see what we did on Wednesday?

We shook the world and still shaking it.

The energy you all are applying knows no tribe, no religion no gender.

The world needs huge positive energy to fight against the negative forces. Go to the center of your inner begin and generate that positive energy for the welfare of the humanity and that is what is happening here.

The energy is coming from the North, South, East and West and all over the world.

The energy is united, the energy of the one Nigeria we yearn for.

We’re on Tv stations, radio, blogs, youtube, every WhatsApp group, market, committees, street, hood, everywhere.

With this energy We can take back our country and fix it.

I cannot do it alone. I need you, we need you.

Nigeria needs you, we need positive energy in everything in life, at home, at school, at work, and everywhere. Positive energy spreads happiness, makes our duties less hard, and helps us achieve more.
In the face of life challenges and hardships, we need positive energy to keep going, and we need people with positive energy to help those around them stand on their feet and overcome their difficulties.

My dear Nigerians, please, I appeal to you, buy me Presidential form let’s win this election.

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

Remember Yul Edochie set the internet agog when he posted second wife and child.

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