BUSINESS: Bonic Coin; The Business That Got People Talking

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Of recent there has been constant out pour of testimonies from different people via different platforms expressing joy, happiness and maximum satisfaction with Bonic Coin.

Bonic Coin according to various testimonies have been paying bills and enriching the common persons who believe in taking the risk to invest.

Although we do not know the origin of Bonic Coin but from a brief study of the site; Bonic Coin trade with other Coins such as Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.

See below some findings about Bonic Coin; is digital currency platform where users all over the globe BUY and SELL Bonic Coins…with 50% returns/profit after FIVE(5) working days. as an ESCROW service provider for Bonic Coins uses the best decentralized and user-friendly ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which is unique from the routine ICOs methods. This unique ICO method by Bonic is to popularize their coin directly with the people before enlisting the coin with any Exchange or Market Cap.

In Bonic Coin; Users actually BUY and SELL Coins and get their profits credited directly into their Bank accounts.

Once you Register and Buy your Bonic Coins. The Bonic website will trade the coins with other digital currencies and gives you 50% profit on any amount of Bonic coins you purchased/invested in every 5working days. mines coins with other digital currencies such as Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum etc. The difference is that Bonic coin uses a highly decentralized pattern that is accessible and user-friendly in all Ecosystems. Bonic Coin is gradually taking over the digital market globally, especially on the African soil. Those who started Bitcoin when it was lesser in price know the pace of coin growth in the digital market.

To get Started, VISIT-

Also There are:
= 5% Direct Referral Earnings
= 2% Indirect Referral Earnings
= Traffic Star Earnings which is paid to 5Star Guiders/Bonic Ambassadors every month.

Read up ABOUT and FAQ in Bonic for more details.

The site has also provided a step to step guide to registration or investment as follows;

Step 1- Sign Up into

– Fill in your details and click Sign Up. Once that is done, click on log in and insert your Email and Password.

Step 2: You will see the “activate” button, click the button, and it will take you to a place where you will complete your Registration (your bank details, phone number).

After filling the details, the system will take you to someone you are to pay #1500 (For those in Nigeria. That #1,500 Activation is paid to any of the Nigerian Ambassador’s Account for Network fee and generation of Referral link).

After making the payment, you are to click Paid and then, Upload your proof of payment.

(Call the person to confirm you if he/she has not done so)

Step3 – After confirming you, your Account is now active.

Step4- You will see a place with a green button (Buy Coin)

Click on the “BUY COIN” and put the number of Bonic Coins you want to buy and you will see the Coin value in your country’s currency.

Once you Submit your buy request. You will be matched to a Seller.

– After paying the Seller, screenshot and upload your proof of payment. Call the seller to Confirm you if he/she has not done so.

Refresh your page to check.

After five working days, additional 50% of the coin you bought will be sold out the same way. That’s 50% profit.

There are also 5%Referral Earnings and 2% Indirect Referral Earnings. Then, TRAFFIC STAR EARNINGS.

Bonic Coin is one of the fastest growing coins currently in the digital market according to analysis.

An investment with Bonic Coin could be a life changing opportunity, risk is the best thought for investment. If you must be successful in life, you must be willing to be a risk taker.

A recent study into Bonic Coin shows that it is already beating the market.

Find below videos, attachment of various alerts received with screenshots of testimonies flooding every where.

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