Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme Has A Well Defined Blueprint For Greater Developmental Stride In Enugu West Senatorial Zone

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Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme Has A Well Defined Blueprint For Greater Developmental Stride In Enugu West Senatorial Zone

With the right Blueprint, chief Maurice Emeka Akueme has already made a quality statement of how Enugu west senatorial zone needs to be developed

His unwaivering commitment to human development have proven beyond reasonable doubt that by focusing on people-oriented programs, much more can be achieved, this is uniquely stated in his ability to identify the human, financial, technical and organizational results-based areas of focus, that are aimed at bringing home development

The MAF set-up is a well structured vehicle that has over the years been developed to cater for the needs of the people, this parameters used by MAF are a well tested, thought set up to ensure the delivery of standard performance which is aimed at accomplishing specific goals to better the lot of the people of Enugu west senatorial zone

Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme has through the years of interacting and meeting the needs of his constituents and the rest of the world through his philanthropic journey built a very high emotional bank account with the people of Enugu west senatorial zone, who in turn have developed a high level of trust with him, that is why today every pen and paper handy has become a tool for writing testimonials about his person. He has Indeed changed the narrative in our current political atmosphere, so therefore it won’t be a thing of surprise to me when he emerges victorious at the PDP Primaries

He took time to build his profile through the following statement

✓He understands the people’s need

✓He attends to the little needs of his constituent

✓He makes and keeps commitment

✓He has a clear picture of the expectations of his constituent

✓He has over the years maintained personal intergrity

✓And most importantly he has never claimed to be a Mr know-it-al

✓He is open to advise, kind, generous, accessible and available


Gyado T. Emmanuel

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