Cross River House Of Assembly To Take Drastic Measures Over Communal Clashes

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Cross River House Of Assembly To Take Drastic Measures Over Communal Clashes

Cross River House Of Assembly To Take Drastic Measures Over Communal Clashes

The Speaker of Cross River State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem has revealed that he may be forced to introduce tougher measures in a bid to put an end to the communal crisis within the state.

He stated this on the backdrop of the communal clash between Ovonom and Ofatura, which has claimed lives and properties.

However, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem during its legislative proceedings, stated that drastic action may be embarked upon to ensure that such clashes don’t occur again.

Recall that member representing Obubra 2 constituency, Hon. Egbe Abeng raised the motion.

“You can agree with me that there is no way a crisis will erupt in a community that the Chiefs, town council, youths, and the women will not be a part of it. You can’t just get up in the morning and go to work without the consent of the custodial of the land.

“Besides, why I am here is because of the matter affecting the people of Ovonom and Ofatura because it has disturbed the people coming for their NYSC and those going for their businesses that person will not allow you to pass.

“The solution is that the government should sit down and invite the chiefs, town councils, and others to come and we will put up an agenda on how that crisis will stop.

“Before this time, during the time of Donald Duke and Imoke, they would have arrested this whole crisis and locked up those behind it. But for me, I am still ready to bring a law that any community or two communities that embark on the crisis, there should be a law that will jail them says Hon. Abeng”

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Interestingly, some of the members of the Cross River House of Assembly also concur with the motion to implement a law that will serve as a deterrent to individuals or groups planning to cause a crisis within the communities.

In the words of Hon. Effiok Bassey representing Bakassi, he said, “The communal clashes between these two communities have lasted for a while and must be looked into urgently saying that Such disruption can never bring development to the state and the house must take proper steps to ensure peace return to the people”.

Also, Hon. Ashakia Pius, representing Obanliku said, “The crisis is all over the state because of a piece of farmland and people go about killing themselves for nothing, he suggests that while making laws, they should be careful so the people will not be rendered homeless, sizing the land may not help most times so the people won’t be an IDP in their own homes.”

In the same vein, Hon. Okon Nwuna Representing Akamkpa 1 Suggested that in line with the land use act the state Government should come up with a strong law that will hold anyone responsible if the issues arise from their end. Suggest that when such issues happen, such land should be seized by the State Government for Absolute peace.

The House, therefore, passed a resolution that;

1. The two communities should lay down their arms and embrace peace.

2. The State Security Adviser should interface with the two communities and ascertain the immediate and remote causes of the crisis and bring the culprits to book.

3. The National Boundary Commission and Office of Conflict/Peace Resolution intervene and demarcate the boundary in dispute.

4. The House hereby commend all security agencies for their quick response and intervention in the crisis.

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