EXPOSED: How Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme Makes His Millions

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EXPOSED: How Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme Makes His Millions

Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme JP is the CEO and Managing Director of Mexol Accounting Solutions LTD, A UK based firm offering accountancy, taxation and management consulting services to clients globally, with special interest in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

He is also the founder and president of the Maurice Akueme Foundation, his driving mechanism to give back to the society from which he was made. An NGO which has helped improve the lifestyle and welfare of the indigent students, youths, widows, old and weary, business owners and more.

Apart from running his practice and Charity organization, Charity Reporters also gathered that he has also invested heavily in mushroom farming. Mushroom as we know is like a raw material, it is a source of oil money to many who understands the value of mushrooms.

Mushrooms are used extensively for medicine, cooking, in many cuisines (notably Chinese, Korean, European, and Japanese).

Most mushrooms sold in supermarkets have been commercially grown on mushroom farms. The most popular of these, Agaricus bisporus, is considered safe for most people to eat because it is grown in controlled, sterilized environments. Several varieties of A. bisporus are grown commercially, including whites, crimini, and portobello. Other cultivated species available at many grocers include Hericium erinaceus, shiitake, maitake (hen-of-the-woods), Pleurotus, and enoki. In recent years, increasing affluence in developing countries has led to a considerable growth in interest in mushroom cultivation, which is now seen as a potentially important economic activity for small farmers.

China is a major consumable, edible mushroom producer. The country produces about half of all cultivated mushrooms, and around 2.7 kilograms (6.0 lb) of mushrooms are consumed per person per year by 1.4 billion people. In 2014, Poland was the world’s largest mushroom exporter, reporting an estimated 194,000 tonnes (191,000 long tons; 214,000 short tons) annually.

Maurice Emeka Akueme has invested so much to bring you this investment;

As we all know our naira is depreciating by the hour. Are you looking inward for an investment that will safeguard the value of your funds.

To meet up with demands of their partners(Foreign Pharmaceutical Companies) using this miracle mushrooms for medicine. Maurice Sterling and Partners is opening investments opportunities and calling for new farmers

Why not try the MAF Investment Scheme,  The MAF Investment Scheme invests your funds in mushroom farms and gives a yield of 20% for 3 months (a cycle = 3 months) which is 100% guaranteed by the Founder/President, Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme JP.  A typical example: invest N100,000 and get back N120,000 in 3 months. This can also be compounded if you desire to leave the investment with them after 3 months.

Why invest in this mushroom farming?

– Farmers have ready made market for the products as demand is very high.
– The products are used by pharmaceutical companies in the manufacture of life saving drugs.
– Partners are overseas based pharmaceutical companies and we are struggling with keeping up with their demands, hence the call for investments.

One of his numerous means of empowering his teeming investors, A lot of person have benefitted from this investment scheme.

Minimum investment amount is N50,000.

Interested investors should call Johnpaul on 0816 892 3190 for more information.

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