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Minister Locks Out Workers, Protesters Cite Hardship for Lateness

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Minister Locks Out Workers, Protesters Cite Hardship for Lateness

Abuja, Nigeria – Workers at the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing protested on Thursday after the Minister, David Umahi, locked out over 300 staff and directors who arrived late for work.

The workers, who gathered at the entrance to the ministry for several hours, chanted slogans such as “Umahi must go” and “We are not slaves.” They said that they were being punished for lateness that was beyond their control, such as traffic congestion and public transportation delays.

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One of the workers, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that Umahi had a history of being strict about punctuality, but that his recent actions had been too harsh.

“We are all trying to do our best, but it’s not always possible to be on time,” the worker said. “The minister should be more understanding, especially in light of the current economic situation.”

Another worker said that the lateness was due to the fact that many staff members live outside of the city center and have to commute long distances to work.

“We are not responsible for the traffic congestion or the public transportation delays,” the worker said. “It is unfair for the minister to punish us for something that is beyond our control.”

The workers eventually dispersed after Umahi agreed to meet with a delegation of their representatives. The minister apologized for his actions and said that he would be more understanding in the future.

However, the workers said that they would continue to protest if the minister did not improve his treatment of them.

“We are not asking for much,” one worker said. “We just want to be treated with respect and understanding.”

The incident has sparked a debate about the balance between employee punctuality and employer understanding. Some people have criticized the minister for being too harsh, while others have said that he is simply trying to instill discipline in his workforce.

It is important to note that both sides have valid points. Employees should be punctual, but employers should also be understanding of the challenges that employees face, such as traffic congestion and public transportation delays.



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