Njikokamma Applauds Deputy Speaker For Appointment, Hails Gburugburu

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Njikokamma Applauds Deputy Speaker For Appointment, Hails Gburugburu.

The founder/president Maurice Akueme Foundation, convener Njikokamma Movement for Gburugburu has expressed heartfelt gratitude to Honorable Uche Ugwu the Deputy Speaker of Enugu State House of Assembly(ENHA) for finding Honorable Mike CJ Madu(Gburuchi) worthy of an appointment.

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Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme in his message of appreciation and congratulations extolled the Honorable Deputy Speaker for outstanding performance.

He described the DSP as a worthy son of Udi who is always looked up to at the helm of leadership and discharge of responsibilities.

Thanking Honorable Uche Ugwu for appointing Hon Mike CJ Madu as SSA on Media and Public Enlightenment, he also acknowledged the Executive Governor of Enugu state Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

He stated that Ugwuanyi has created a style of leadership of all inclusive governance for other leaders to emulate.

He praised the governor for turning Enugu state into the peace capital of Africa.

Chief Akueme described Madu as the most loyal, dogged, hardworking man he knows.

This appointment is coming few weeks after Honorable Mike was actually relieved of duty in the local government council as the Chief Protocol Officer to Udi local government chairman to concentrate on his most revered, popular Maurice Akueme Foundation(MAF) and Njikokamma Movement for Gburugburu(NMG).

The relief was rumoured to have been sacked from office but was debunked by Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme.

Analysing comments and commendations, it seems like the relief has sprang Madu to better opportunities to serve both humanity and the state.

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Honorable Mike CJ Madu was leader/speaker of Udi local government council in 1999.

He is currently the National Coordinator/Director of programs Maurice Akueme Foundation, the Director General Njikokamma Movement for Gburugburu.

His most recent appointment as SSA Media and Public Enlightenment to the office of the Deputy Speaker has indeed added to his profile while Chief Njikokamma Enugu State prayed for more heights and appointments.

Njikokamma Applauds Deputy Speaker For Appointment, Hails Gburugburu.

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