Nnamdi Kanu: Activist Berates Nigerian Government Over Continuous Detention of IPOB Leader

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Nnamdi Kanu: Activist Berates Nigerian Government Over Continuous Detention of IPOB Leader

A Nigerian activist Comrade Mike Odenigbo has flawed the Nigerian Government for continuous detention of the IPOB Leader; Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. In his post on his timeline on Facebook, he urged the government to either free or prosecute Kanu if found guilty, below is his submission.

In this 2022, Nigeria should stop disgracing it’s judiciary. If Kanu committed a crime, let him be prosecuted with facts and punished in accordance with the law, but if he committed no crime known to the law, let him be released unconditionally.

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The bitter truth is that the supposed unjust detention of Kanu doesn’t make anything better, rather it fuels the agitation more, and the longer he’s detained, the more people believe in him.

Nigerian government lack the rationale of crises control. Ideas are not battled against physically like they are doing to Ipob, Shiites, Oduduwa republic agitators and other groups, Ideas are battled against with ideas, maybe they should go back to history.

If you think Nigeria should remain one, then bring up a greater idea supporting it to convince the agitators and minding the way you treat them.

The only thing that can defeat ideas are greater ideas and never physical weapons, though I still doubt if there’s a greater idea as such. Even if Kanu dies, the ideas he inherited and preached will never die.

The call for referendum is not call for war. We clap hands when it’s done in the European world but frown at it when it’s proposed in Nigeria, even when the love and unity bounding this country is fake.

I’m not talking to the government, rather I’m talking to the youths. If you have voice, speak, if you have ink, write.

It’s not a matter of whether we want a United Nigeria or not, it’s a matter of speaking against injustice.

In as much as you talk about other political matters, never forget him, or hide under the umbrella of diplomacy. You’re in your house enjoying, he’s in the dungeon suffering because he wants things to work better.

You may keep mute, but when this time-bomb explodes, your oga may fly out of the country, but you and I go remain here.

I pray this 2022, the FG will become more rational than emotional and sentimental in approaching Kanu’s case.

And may they release him and come to a table of negotiation. Negotiation has powers, there’s nothing that can’t be settled on a table if the opposite parties are willing.

Happy New year Nigeria he concluded.

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