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The Maurice Akueme  Foundation(MAF) Journal, Face of The MAF Journal November, 2021



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The Maurice Akueme  Foundation(MAF) Journal, Face of The MAF Journal November, 2021

The Maurice Akueme  Foundation(MAF) Journal, Face of The MAF Journal November, 2021

“Who Wears The Crown?”

Next Face of The MAF

The FACE of “The MAF Journal” is he/she whose face specifically or specially appears on a special page of the Maurice Akueme Foundation Production(Journal).

The MAF Journal is a Bimonthly publication of The Maurice Akueme Foundation proudly sponsored by Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme to enable active members the opportunity to advertise their businesses for free and to showcase talents and skills.

In our first edition, the founder appeared as the pioneer face, while the next edition has given birth to “who becomes the Next Face”… PRIZE ATTACHED

STEP ONE: (Fishing Out)

Procedures for Contestants

1. Interested persons may declare interest and the team will take note.

2. MAFites can nominate persons they feel would love to participate, if same didn’t nominate him/herself, we will contact same to verify his/her interest, if confirmed to contest, we may proceed with that person as well.

3. Photos of contestants will be uploaded on Facebook and link will be shared to contestants.

Unveiling of The MAF Journal

Unveiling of The MAF Journal

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STEP TWO:(Facebook Nomination)

Procedures for Online(Facebook) nomination

1. The contestants will through the link invite his or her friends for the online nomination.

2. (Eviction level) 10 (ten)contestants with highest likes will be presented to the Face of The MAF Journal internal judges who approves and qualifies 5 persons for the grand finale based on activeness, etc; (a process which will encourage MAFites to not just be passive but active members).

What nominee’s supporters must do

(A). Invite via the Facebook page link to like and comment on your picture.

(B). Your supporter MUST like/follow the page before liking or commenting on your photo for that like or comment to count.

(C). Five contestants with highest likes or comments will be selected for the finale(Voting).


Those who made it through Facebook Nomination will be eligible for the finale.


1. Winner will become The FACE of The MAF and will be on a special page of The Journal.

2. Winner will be rewarded by Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme.

3. It’ll make participants of MAF platforms more active.

4. It will create familiarity, etc among MAFites.

5. Cash Prize

The competition will enhance a lot more than just imagination.

Voting Ends Friday 3rd December, 2021

To Vote for your most preferred choice; click on the link below;

Contestants For The Face Of The MAF

The MAF Journal, Vote For Face of The MAF Journal November, 2021

The Face of The MAF Journal

Vote Your Most Preferred Contestant for the Crown

For Adverts/inquiries: 07086672200

A Maurice Akueme Foundation Initiative created to help promote youths, skills, talents, businesses, etc.

Proudly Sponsored by Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme(#njikokamma #enugustate)

The Maurice Akueme  Foundation(MAF) Journal, Face of The MAF Journal November, 2021

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