Peter Obi’s Rising Political Profile Has Suddenly Become A Threat To Some People ~ Chief Osisi Di Na Iwu

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Peter Obi’s Rising Political Profile Has Suddenly Become A Threat To Some People ~ Chief Osisi Di Na Iwu

Here’s an opinion from a die-hard supporter of Peter Obi, Chief Osisi Di Na Iwu

Peter Obi’s Rising Political Profile Has Suddenly Become A Threat To Some People

I have noticed that many APC and PDP supporters have gone to ‘World Institute of Research’, making frantic efforts to come up with what they will use to tarnish the image of this rare gem that has walked through our political landscape unblemished, even though the man has said severally that he is not a saint.

Nigerians, if you people want saints, you can go to heaven & bring them to come & govern you. But, let us appreciate the quasi saints we have for now.

Do you know what?

From their researches so far, they could not find where Peter Obi’s name was written on EFCC black book of corrupt persons. They could not discover where he took bribe on halliburton scandal. They could not find his name in Siemens scandal or Malabu oil deal.

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They could not trace any house linking him to corrupt enrichment when in office as governor. They could not link him to anything similar to Alpha Beta. They could not see where he annexed 25% of lands in Awka, Anambra State, earning him the title “Anambra Landlord”.

As I write, they are still researching. He has told you that as governor, he rejected landed properties offered to him in his capacity a governor. That he has not received any dime as the so called ‘bogus pension’ other former governors used to collect. Have you researched about it?

Can we assemble other candidates, who were former this and that in government so we can examine their financial status before, during and after their venture into politics.

Let us compare them with that of Peter Obi and know.

1.Which businesses they ran before joining politics.

2. What was their financial muscles then, vis-à-vis their worth.

3. Who ran the most transparent govt as governor or any other position like V.P.

4. Who among them have collected and been collecting bogus pensions ?

5. How many houses/businesses they had before joining politics and how many they have after ?

6. How much did they had in their bank accounts before joining politics and how much after ?

6. Their performance as governors vis-à-vis their resources ?

I want to say that Peter Obi is not a threat to anybody or politician, but a threat to what they represent. He is changing the narratives. And you can see, everybody is falling in line.

Below Are Some Notable Strategies;

Issue based campaign.

From consumption to production is the code

Those against his candidacy, are you not tired of those old faces ? Majority of you have been ostracised from governance by successive governments. Some are in different IDP camp as I write this.

Peter Obi is is not a threat, rather a first class and refined 21st century cosmopolitan guy who doesn’t have time for frivolities. Pass the good message to those against him, that they are bound to be the major beneficiaries of Obi’s government come 2023.

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