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Who is Offiah Kingsley Ndubuisi

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Who is Offiah Kingsley Ndubuisi

Hon. Offiah Kingsley is a young breed of Obinofia Ndiuno in Ezeagu Local Government Area of Enugu state, a youth, leading the youths, and most loved by the youths.

Hon. Offiah is an enviable trailblazer. He is a gentleman par excellence, very workaholic and determined. He is truly, a reliable fellow, the more reason he is most cherished by the youths.

In the recent time, a question of who represents the good people of Ezeagu in the Legislative arm of the Enugu State House of Assembly come 2023, rose, and it was indeed, amazing, how the youths of Enugu state, especially those from Offiah’s constituency; Ezeagu, all over the social media, called on him, to be the Mandate. This, however, is truly merited by Offiah, as his performances in the pasts and his present leadership positions evidently speak of his leadership prudence. Howbeit, Hon. Kingsley, who seems to be highly interested in the position, is yet to make any pronouncement in respect to that. We are therefore, pushed to find out whom he is.

Kingsley is indeed, a deeply rooted grassroot man, born to the Offiah family on the 8th day of November, at the Community Health Centre, Obinofia. He attended Modern Primary School, Obinofia Ndiuno, secondary school at the Community Secondary School, Obinofia Ndiuno.

Ndubuisi went on to study Economics at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, under Chevron/TEXCO Scholarship. Then at the University, Ndubuisi was the President-General, Ezeagu Students Association, Chairman, Petition and Privilege, FOSSA House of Representatives, Students Union Government.

There at the University, Kingsley was also, the Information Officer, Enugu West Students Association. He is a Man Servant in the alter of God, a Secretary and Vice president, Catholic Youths Organisation (CYON).

After Ndubuisi’s graduation and NYSC, he started off as a Volunteer Academic Assistant to the Head Of Department (HOD) Poly Air program, Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu, and an Assistant Secretary, Obinofia Ndiuno Youths Association, after which he moved down to Port Harcourt, Rivers state, where he consequently worked with the following companies: PRODECO NIGERIAN LTD (Intels Group of Companies), PONTICELLI NIGERIAN LTD (Total E&P Onshore & Offshore Projects), O. K. I. NIGERIAN LTD (Road Construction Company), ANTHONIO ENGINEERING AND SERVICES LTD (Chevron Offshore Project).

Kingsley have garnered over 12 years experience in the Oil and Gas industries in different roles including as an Assistant Logistics Officer, and later, to Logistics Coordinator Manager.

He is now the CEO, SKY FOODS & CONFECTIONERY ENTERPRISES (A Rice Processing Industry), OFFIAH & A. Nigeria Ltd (Import & Export Promoting Company).

Kingsley Ndubuisi is also the Chairman, Ohaneze Youths Council, Enugu State, where he unites the youths of Enugu state (spearheaded the peace of and reconciliation movement among various Ohaneze youths in Enugu state that brought lasting peace to the organisation). He is the Chairman, Program Implementation, Ohaneze Youths Wing, Enugu State.

Offiah is equally the Senior Consultant to the Supervising Councillor, Youths and Education, Ezeagu L.G.A., Founder & Administrator, Obinofia Voice (Community Online Media), Speaker, Obinofia Youths Assembly, Chairman, Obinofia Ndiuno Electoral Commission, Trustee Member, Obinofia Ndiuno Town Union.

Of course, there’s virtually no section in Obinofia that Offiah is not involved in as a grassroot man; Social, Culture, Christianity, Education, Youths empowerment, Finance, et al. He had served as Chairman and Secretary in many committees of Obinofia Ndiuno Town Union. Offiah is a household name in Obinofia, as comes the title: Ofia n’Obinofia.

Offiah is currently the Vice president, Operations (SVP1), Maurice Akueme Foundation (MAF). Maurice Akueme Foundation (MAF) is a foundation that palliates, alleviates and empowers the indigents in our society, operating within Nigeria, London, Uganda, Ethiopia, et al. Offiah, in MAF, is known as “Mr Cost effective”, as he, together with his team, always aims to use little to achieve massive. Just as His Excellency, Rt Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Offiah is seen as a “Man of peace”, as he always calls for peace in whatever environment and situation he finds himself.

Offiah is currently a Member, Chartered Institute of Logistics, Member, Chartered Institute of Supply Chain and Warehouse Management, Associate Member, Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered).

Hon. Kingsley Ndubuisi is indeed, a born leader. He is equally, currently, the President, National Youths Support on Good Governance (NYSGG), South East Zonal Coordinator, Nobel Youths Mass Support Association (NYMSA).

These, and many more numerous positions, Ndubuisi had occupied and still occupies, and they visibly prove his prudent leadership skills. Therefore, the good people of Ezeagu and Enugu at large, earnestly hope and pray for Kingsley’s positive response in respect to the call for him to represent the people of Ezeagu in Enugu State House of Assembly (ESHA) come 2023.

Offiah Divine Project 2023

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