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Why Nigerians Need Peter Obi Now ~ Eloka Chinedu Jude

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Why Nigerians Need Peter Obi Now

~ By Eloka Chinedu Jude

We have to thank God for His mercy to our country, Nigeria. We all have been existing in a false democracy and with leaders who love selves more than the entire society. All lovers of God must live a selfless and sacrificial life.But, today every creature in the Nigerian society is not living without an atom of selfishness in him or her. We are plagued with ideological war, physical war, religious war, tribal war, and life in darkness.

The leaders, instead of using what belongs to the society for the good of the society, resort to using such to control the society to achieve their selfish interests to the detriment of the same society where all belong to. I have become a victim of oppression, dehumanisation, destruction and humiliation just because I have decided to question why our society is so deformed that one must also get deformed to fit in. No wonder, one must be ready to die if one wants to be godly in a deformed society. Whoever is light will be debased by the forces of darkness if he or she fails to compromise at a certain stage.It disturbs me the most because I mean well for the society.

When others were enjoying their wealth in luxury and comfort, I spent my own hard-earned money in my business to reform the deformed society through vying for an elective position of Local Government Chairmanship of my locality just to change the narrative. A struggling one like me had to do so, just for the sake of the society. I even waxed stronger to vie for House of Assembly to represent my people in a deformed society. I wasted my money for the good of the society, while I don’t have much for my humble self. I witnessed series of disappointment from the wicked who rub me to succeed because of my meekness. I became a victim of oppression and destruction in the hands of those I wanted to help, to raise.

I thank God and will remain thankful to Him for raising Peter Obi at this time Nigeria is in dire need of good leadership and good governance. The Nigeria society is characterised by wickedness on the part of the leaders, so everyone must be wicked and corrupt to survive in our own clime. I thank God once again for raising a leader like Peter Obi, who is very impeccable and corrupt-free.

Nigeria, as a country, has wasted a lot of resources in the hands of wicked(satanic) leaders who feel that selfishness is the best way of getting rich quickly. I weep in this country where people rejoice when others are suffering; men feel fulfilled when their fellow creatures are dying, which means they are the cause of the ordeals of others.

Those who are pure in heart are taken as those who are not wise, while the wicked are seen as the wise ones in Nigerian society. The democratic revolution God has started in Nigeria through Peter Obi will change our society for better. Nelson Mandela did it in South Africa, Nigeria’s turn has come. God is set to use Peter Obi to change our history for good. I wish our people could understand what is going on in the country in the realm of  the spirit. The power the Almighty God gave to me this night to bring this piece made me to personally believe that something good is in the offing in Nigeria. I know that it is very rare to have any Nigerian in my present situation to put down this piece. I am supposed to commit suicide now, but I am strengthened by the Almighty God to fight on for the good of the Nigerian society. In as much as I lost all, but I didn’t lose life, I must live for others to live, sacrificial and selfless life, a path to Abrahamic Way. We all must toe such Way to please Him.

With what has happened in Nigeria and what is still happening in Nigeria, we all should seek the face of God and get things done right lest we become consumed. God has given us the final chance before we become conquered and get sent into untimely death. There is a serious war between light and darkness in Nigeria, so are you light or darkness? For God so love Nigeria that he sent Moses(Peter Obi) to deliver us from those who didn’t mean well for us. If we don’t want God to unite Nigeria, we are ready to face a very painful and destructive division. If you are a true believer of God and a faithful servant of God, you will receive the revelation about Nigeria.

The worst part of living is to be forced to live where you are created to live freely.

Nigerians hear me, forget what the wicked may have in stock for me because God is by my side. Are we not matured enough to decide, why do they use us to play politics?

Peter Obi is the last chance for us in Nigeria lest we become consumed by the unknown and sinister agenda of our one-chance drivers. God can never raise a man He didn’t trust. Our lives are in our hands.

Let us ponder to understand why we should use our volition to do things right to get right results. I have volunteered to help the society; I am ready to use the little I have to fight for justice, a better society and to liberate the suffering masses who are dying in numbers everyday. If God wants to raise me to die for you again as Jesus did, I am ever ready, that is why I totally support Peter Obi for a better Nigeria. I will personally call the Labour Party chairman in Enugu State to donate my house for this struggle. May God help Nigeria. I pray for Peter Obi so that he will remain strong to take us there, for us all to enjoy our fatherland.


Evangelist Eloka Chinedu Jude, a resurrected creature.

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