Udi LGA Makes History by Uniting all Enugu West Senatorial Aspirants Who Have Agreed in the Peaceful Resolution of Gov. Ugwuanyi Come 2023, Youths Express Concern Towards Zoning And Micro Zoning

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Udi LGA Makes History by Uniting all Enugu West Senatorial Aspirants Who Have Agreed in the Peaceful Resolution of Gov. Ugwuanyi Come 2023, Youths Express Concern Towards Zoning And Micro Zoning

Udi LGA Makes History by Uniting all Enugu West Senatorial Aspirants Who Have Agreed in the Peaceful Resolution of Gov. Ugwuanyi Come 2023, Youths Express Concern Towards Zoning And Micro Zoning

Enugu West Senatorial Aspirants From Udi Local Government Area
Enugu West Senatorial Aspirants From Udi LGA

In simple words, unity is a state of being together.

Unity has always been an essential ingredient of human existence, and in today’s ever changing world this has never been more important. Unity in one voice will inspire you to reach out to others and  maintain peace and harmony and oneness with all your opponents, friends and family members as long as there’s no existing enmity.

We all are familiar with how great things can be achieved when we work together or when we stand together. The power of unity has impacted so many people around the world. However, in some instances we can forget to value unity as much as we should, be it forgetting to show gratitude, support towards our contemporaries, family and friends who may have or not supported us to reach our goals or failing to appreciate the hard work or kids gestures of others which in turn improve your own day. So much is possible when we prioritise unity. Therefore it is so important to promote and maintain unity. You cannot achieve your goals all alone, you need the support of people around you to help, and that is what diversity and unity is all about.

So it is clear that unity is an important and valuable concept, but how do we achieve it in the tussle for the Senatorial seat of Enugu West.

Following the ground breaking event of previously galvanising all the Udi statutory Delegates to unanimously affirm their willingness to stand with any political decisions and directives of the Governor of Enugu State in the run in to 2023 elections.

Another milestone was yet attained by the Hon Nze Philip Okoh led administration in unison with the Stakeholders of Udi.

The Mayor of Udi had acted on his inspiration to ensure the emergence of an Udi consensus candidate in the PDP primaries for the Senatorial race in Enugu West, especially owing to the fact that no Udi person had ever occupied the Office, a fact that is unchallenged by most Enugu West Stakeholders.

In his words, the fact of the continued absence of an Udi person in the Senatorial roll call in Enugu West had worried him to the point of prayerful voyage to the stables of divinity.

He enthused that today’s meeting was summoned to build peace, unity and willingness to sacrifice, amongst all the pro-Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi contenders to the Senate seat in Udi LGA.

He pleaded with all who attended to see the wisdom in sacrificing personal interests for the collective good of Udi which will culminate in “Ka Onye Udi Jee Senate”.

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He reiterated the fact that the agreement for all to unite in support of any chosen Candidate will not only save resources and ensure post election peaceable coexistence but will also deny the non Udi Senatorial contenders of the division they hope on for surprise victory over Udians.

The stage was set for the Aspirants to say there minds and they did this with an emphatic, maturity laden consensus as they agreed to support financially, materially and totally any one amongst them annointed by the Governor through a consensus process, to the admiration of the numerous witnessing Super Stakeholders.

The Aspirants were wholistic in their persuasion by the gospel of sustainable peace of the Mayor and they moved and seconded by themselves, a motion for the resolution to be adopted by a working document of the government and People of Udi. Same motion was subjected to a voice vote by the state Deputy Speaker; Rt. Hon. Uche Ugwu to the over hundred Stakeholders in attendance wherein the response was an overwhelming “Ye”.

The aspirants further signified their unwavering commitment to this agreement by signing the written peace and support pact presented by the Chairman.

Among the Signatories are;

✓ Ambassador Fidelia Njeze

✓ Hon. Rev. Oscar Egwuonwu

✓ Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme

✓ Hon. Barr. OAU Onyema

✓ Dr. SNC Eneh

✓ Hon. Chinedu Ani

✓ Engr. Osita Ngwu

✓ Dr. Chinedu Ochinanwata

Hon. Uche Agu

Hon Dr Chinedu Ochinanwata who called the Mayor on phone later on wrote “my dear Leader. You have demonstrated authentic leadership by not allowing all the contestants to fight for nothing and equally saving us from unnecessary spending. Most importantly, the paramount thing is working towards achieving the Udi LGA agenda, which you did today. You are a true leader and I think you are learning from your/our master (our magnanimous Governor). I write to express my gratitude and may Almighty God continue to guide you throughout your life. Finally, I will sign the outcome of the meeting without even reading it. Whatever the outcome of the primaries will not stop me from supporting our amiable Governor, and even supporting the emerged candidate with all my heart and financially? My regards to the family”.

Meanwhile our correspondence interviewed some youths who witnessed this epoch making even, one of which simply identified himself as Tobe.

Tobe suggested that while considering the Senatorial hopefuls, zoning and micro zoning should also be registered at the back of the mind. He said for instance, Udi is divided into two state constituencies; Udi North and Udi South. He noted that Udi South had produced a governor who served for 8 years, immediate past local government Chairman, current local government Chairman, current party chairman, current secretary to the local government area among other relevant positions both elective and appointed. He stated that politically Udi North Constituency is lagging behind and should be considered for the Senatorial seat. “If the slot for the House of Representatives is traded for Senate and then Senatorial ticket given to Onye Udi South, it means that Udi North will be left entirely without any political relevance in such gentleman understanding”, when asked if given an opportunity to suggest a favorite candidate from Udi North, who that could be, he said; “Ifeanyi nwa Ugwuanyi in his God-given wisdom will decide based on equity and fairness when the time is due”.


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