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It is no longer news that the famous actor who is well known for his magnificent roles in the Nigerian film industry, has been trending for some days now on the social media space, for his arrogant statement that he is taking the woman who got pregnant for him as his second wife.

Mr. Yul Edochie, I would like to bring to your notice that your purported second marriage is illegal, null and void. The laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria forbids a man who is legally married under the Marriage Act to enter into a contract of marriage with another person while his partner of the first marriage still lives.

There are instances, a man who is married under the Marriage Act may be allowed to take a second marriage and they are :

– Where the marriage to the first wife has been dissolved ( divorce)

– Where the original partner ( wife) is dead

– Where the original partner ( wife) had deserted him for a period of at least seven years, to warrant necessary inference suggesting that the deserter might have died.

Furthermore, there are only two ways by which a man can get legally married in Nigeria. The first is under the Customary law and the second is under the marriage Act.

From the above statement it suffices to state that Yul can validly have a second wife if his first marriage was ordinarily under the Customary law, and the second marriage should equally be under the customary law. In fact he can marry as many as he wants but those marriages can only be done traditionally. See section 35 of the Marriage Act which states.

” Any person who is married under this Act, or whose marriage is declared by this act to be valid, shall be incapable,during the continuance of such marriage, of contracting a vaild marriage under Customary law, but save as aforesaid, nothing in this Act contained shall affect the validity of any marriage contracted under or in accordance with any customary law, or in any manner apply to marriages so contracted.

Marriages under the Act is therefore between one man and one woman FOR LIFE! no other person is advised to ever come close to the duo.

However, any man who has the intention of being a polygamist should not in any way approach the Courts or Church ( a licensed) one for the celebration of marriage. The person has only the Customary and traditional rites to perform, while he anticipates marrying another woman which shall equally be done only customarily.

Polygamy is not illegal under the native laws and custom, but it is a serious offence that warrants 5 years imprisonment under the marriage act. See sections 46 and 47 of the marriage Act.

It is also worthy to note that the woman in question who gave birth to YuL Edochie’s boy child, will also be liable should she go further to enter into any marriage contract with Yul while being aware that YuL is legally married. See sections 33 and 39 of the marriage Act.


My humble advise to Yul edochie is to have an understanding with the baby’s mum either to pay her off and take the child or sum up courage and allow the child be with the natural mother. In any case where the so called second wife in question decides to allow the child to be with YUL, my advice to YUL’s original wife is to accept the baby whole heartedly and take adequate care of it, the way she takes care of her own children, because section 42 ( 2 ) of the 1999 Constitution of The Federal Republic of Nigeria ( as amended) clearly states that nobody should face any type of discrimination due to the circumstances surrounding their birth.

Written by Barr. Vincent Nnebedum

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