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Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme Is A Great Mobilizer Of Sustainable Developmental Leadership Goals

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Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme Is A Great Mobilizer Of Sustainable Developmental Leadership Goals

It is time to stop waiting for someone to save us. It is time to face the truth of our situation – that we’re all in this together, that we all have a voice – and figure out how to mobilize the hearts and minds of everyone in our workplaces and communities.

The greatest leaders mobilize others by coalescing people around a shared vision.
There is someone who believes in the vision of the founding fathers of Enugu state and is actively working towards a goal of bringing good leadership to the state and our main aim should be to support and encourage him to succeed in this regard.

In the person of Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme we have found a man who has over the years supported the quality leadership being offered by His Excellency Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.
The people are craving for a better world. Let us mobilize them as co-workers for a better state and communities.

So much resources have been spent in the actualization of this goal and more is on the way.
In prayer, something like an echo takes place. When you strike a note on the piano, corresponding strings in all the other pianos in the room start to vibrate. It is just the same when we express a pure wish in our ardent prayers: all around us we mobilize angels who are inspired by the same wish.

If we all wish for a better Enugu state, especially Enugu west senatorial zone.

I believe that the time is now.
Because it will be easier because someone else has laid a solid foundation for the selection process of getting good Governance delivered to our loving state and it is no other person but Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme.
Of course, man is also a weak creature with many bad qualities. And it depends on which of his qualities will in a certain social situation and in a certain climate prevail, which qualities will awaken. The corrupt system was masterful in how it managed to mobilize all the bad qualities.
But must we continue to accept inferiors and corrupt people who don’t have the interest of the people? No.

My message to you all is of hope, courage and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with the grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation.
Leadership is accomplishing something through other people that wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t there … Leadership is being able to mobilize ideas and values that energize other people … Leaders develop a story line that engages other people.

Actually, they (extremists) wanted to take this opportunity to mobilize the people for the religious unification and to divert the government’s attention from other issues in the war against terrorism. So they are using this issue as a matter of unity.

It is my hope that people today will see that, in another time, in another period, when we saw the need for people to speak up, to organize, to mobilize, and to do something about injustice, we came together.
Mankind will never win lasting peace so long as men use their full resources only in tasks of war. While we are yet at peace, let us mobilize the potentialities, particularly the moral and spiritual potentialities, which we usually reserve for war to exemplify this unique vision for a better Enugu state like Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme has been doing in the last couple of years.

Helping people has its own advantages and benefits which I believe is the key to a peaceful nation and a better Enugu state,Enugu west senatorial zone.

Political activists in Hong Kong and Taiwan use Facebook as their primary tool to mobilize support for their causes and activities.
Believe me you in all sincerity that social media is now a very good tool to reach out to people from all corners of the world.

Someone thought about this idea a Long time ago and am just here to express it, Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme has through the Njiko4gburus been working tirelessly to ensure that good Governance and leadership becomes a part and parcel of our dear beloved state.

Let us all therefore in one voice and true support come out enmass to support him because he is mobilizing the people of like personality as him to come out for political positions for the betterment of our dear state and the country as a whole.
Like it is truly said charity indeed begins at home.
Support the vision for a true sustainable developmental vision of Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme.


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