Gburuchi Was Not Sacked ~ Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme

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Gburuchi Was Not Sacked.

The secret shot of Honorable Mike CJ Madu the National coordinator and director of programs Maurice Akueme Foundation and his purported sack letter with much reference to MAF has drawn the attention of Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme to comment.

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“It is quite unfortunate that most of us do not understand the essence of leadership, if we do, we would not see it as an opportunity to witch hunt each other in such a way “tigbuo; zôgbuo”.

When jealousy and bitterness occupies our hearts, it reflects on our daily activities and affects our relationship with each other; it is bad indeed.

According to the letter making rounds on social media platform(s), Hon Mike was not sacked except if there’s another letter which projects such.

A government appointee of any level can not be sacked, he is relieved of his duty to the chairman to face his revered Maurice Akueme Foundation and other endeavors such as his unwavering support to the Executive Governor of Enugu State.

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Mike is a workaholic anybody should confide in and I confide in him.

Hon Mike CJ Madu (Gburuchi) was National Coordinator and Director of Programmes for The Maurice Akueme Foundation way before he was appointed as the Chief Protocol Officer to the Udi LGA Chairman.

And it was based on his performance in MAF and his doggedness in the support for Gburugburu against some dissidents that Hon Ifeanyi Agu met him.

As the CPO to Udi Local Government Chairman, his duties as MAF National coordinator suffered a lot of injuries.

The decision of Hon Mike to chose MAF and NMG over the position he occupies in the Local Government Council is a deliberate one and he is in no form of fracas with the mayor.

In reference to the letter, much reverence is given to MAF as being the popular group that is taking over Hon Mike’s time and I ask why the heated reference.

Never the less, it is an accolade to the Maurice Akueme Foundation, we accept the popularity and the fact that we have become a house hold name to behold.

That not withstanding, we will continue to palliate, to alleviate and to empower.

We are not in any competition with any individual, organization or party.

MAF is a non governmental organization founded on the solid foundation of three focal points, basically to reduce poverty and to eradicate suffering by helping all levels of government in our own little way.

Note that Gburuchi was not sacked but relieved to focus on his preference.

Let us embrace love, peace, unity and oneness and eschew hatred or anything that is worthy of tarnishing people’s integrity and dignity”.

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