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In Enugu State; Is Maurice Emeka Akueme And Others ~ Izu MacBenson

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In Enugu State; Is Maurice Emeka Akueme And Others ~ Izu MacBenson

There’s is common saying Nigeria universities usually use when certain school want to troll the other. Most evidently are the students of University of Nigeria Nsukka Popularly known as *the lions and lionesses*.

They usually use the statement anytime they want to roar and pride the lion and lioness in them; they conveniently tell you that in Nigeria: is University of Nigeria Nsukka and others. That in simply explanation means that University of Nigeria Nsukka is directly equivalent to other universities in the country put together.

As some may see this as a statement of pride others will agree but a closer scrutiny reveals the facts in the statement. Example of such facts are the allays of powerful and prosperous alumni members the university parades.

Now to our figure and person of discussion: Maurice Akueme. One would wonder why such comparison. Others will readily write down lists of popular names in Enugu to counter the notion. While some will sit to analyse the man Maurice Akueme and his antecedent, I’m not leaving the minorities in the antagonistic coven grumbling.

Every argument in a debate is correct but not all are valid and factual. There’s a clear cut line between popular and influential. You can be popular but not influential. This is where Maurice Akueme top the league. Tell me a man who’s antecedent matches that of Maurice Akueme? Show me a man who will leave the comfort of life his life abroad to think of the downtrodden, of which many will never see him to say thank you? Where’s that man who has influenced lives with his personal fortune and not stolen government money?
We are ready to debate this. if you have forward?

Statements of fact cannot never be covered. Lies and propaganda can travel wide but crashes within time. In MAF, we deal with facts and not propaganda.

The dictionary defines influence as *the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself*

Many who are popular person ain’t influential. In fact a gross number of them buy influence. Any man who commits himself to building capacity of others is powerful and influence.

In Nigeria today, the drum of politic is beating. Everyone one is gearing, politicians are playing out their usual shenanigans.
Scheming and politicking is covering the airwaves. An X-ray of those who parades themselves shows terrible antecedents. Na them!

Few months from now, our politicians in their usual cloak of deceits will start going to saloon to plait hairs, fly akara, drink sachet Milo and peak, hawk bread and sleep on a badly kept dormitory bed , wear school uniforms and many more. A show to woo vote sympathy of the ignorant voters.

Back home in Enugu West, we see allays of such men. Who only remember their people during electoral season. Those who see politics as career and settlement for supporting a particular candidate. Those who’s antecedent has never been charitable.

We see how many of them have commission social media army selling none- existence projects. Propaganda, lies, deceits, praise singing for stomach infrastructure and the usual *”ojebego”* mantra is playing out.

For us in Enugu West, the ravens are gathering and their vision and mission is one: how to get power and remain in power.

But here is a man of distinct caliber. A cerebral phenomenal personality who is not a politician in our politicking parlance but a leader and an influencer. This distinguished attributes stands him out thus *”Maurice Akueme and others”*. A successful man by any standard of success. Comfortable yet humble. Heavily connected, yet meek. A man who is not our regular politician.

Without political power, government contracts and appointment has done more than those who welds both executive, legislative and appointive powers in government.

Beyond the shores of Enugu West, Maurice Akueme foundation *MAF* has continued to transform lives both in educational, health, agricultural, skill acquisitions, empowerments, palliatives and every sphere of life. Numerous awards has greeted this magnanimity of this gentleman.

MAF has become hope for the downtrodden. In fact, *everyone is MAF and MAF is everyone*.

Maurice Akueme is not our regular politician and that’s why many who see politics as means of survival will not let such a great man saddle the mantle of leadership.

But this is the time to change the narrative and take our destiny into our hands.
Like the a wise saying said *” the evil thrive when good people keep quiet and do nothing”* Maurice Akueme is a good man.

*#Ka Maurice Jee Senate*
*#Maurice: not your regular politician.*
*#follow who know road. Follow Maurice*

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