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MOHBAD: Nigeria Police Arrest Controversial Very Dark Man Over Cyber-bullying, Cyberstalking

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MOHBAD: Nigeria Police Arrest Controversial Very Dark Man Over Cyber-bullying, Cyberstalking

MOHBAD: Nigeria Police Arrest Controversial Very Dark Man Over Cyber-bullying, Cyberstalking

When a child thinks he is grown enough to talk to elders you never engage, just act…

Social media influencer, popularly known as Very Dark Man has landed in police net over alleged cyberbullying amid row with Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh.

A social media personality, Martins Vincent Otse, popularly known as Very Dark Man, has been summoned by the Nigeria Police Force over the alleged cyberbullying of Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh.

Very Dark Man made this known in a viral video seen obtained by Charity Reporters on Wednesday. He raised concern about his safety as he walked into the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Abuja.

He said, “I am about to enter FCID, Area 10 over the invite that was sent to me. And just in case you don’t see me online later, make you know now where I enter.

“You understand, you know, the last time because of the dates and how they set up the dates, I suspected something fishy and now I’m going in there. However, they no tell me who personally filed a report. They say nah cyberbullying, cyberstalking.

“I know I’ve never sent anybody an e-mail. I’ve never DM’d anybody to say anything harsh or say anything negative to the person, so I don’t know where they’re getting that idea. For me, I’m suspecting something. I feel like I’m not safe in it. But then again, to the person that sent (the complaints), I hope you understand that they’ll find out who you are. You understand they will, definitely. Who you are, you understand, so whatever plan you get, I don tell una. If una no see me, go and ask them.”

“And if you touch me, I come outside and talk. If they threatened me, If I come outside, I go talk. Anything wey dem do, If I come outside, I go talk, they sha no go fit pai (kill) me.”

The social media influencer went on to say that he would never apologise publicly to anyone if the police ordered him to, even if it meant spending extra time in custody.

He continued: “Like I said, if nah all those thing wey dey go make person con apologize online, I no dey apologise to anybody. I go rather stay inside there for 10 years, knowing fully well that I did not say anything to anybody.

“All the things I’ve said online is based on public importance or public awareness. You understand, I’ve never gone out of my way to start picking one person and start bashing. Everything I’ve said online is based on public awareness. Down to skin care, down to everything. I’ve said is based on public awareness and even down to the whole Mohbad things.

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“It is because they’re trying to like lynch people, they were all scattered. They didn’t want to report it to the police. I said they should go to the police. They wanted to take law into their hands.”

An independent check by Charity Reporters on Tonto Dikeh’s Instagram status showed that the actress was likely behind the petition which landed Very Dark Man in the police station.

“When a child thinks he is grown enough to talk to elders you never engage, just act,” the actress captioned a picture displaying the moment Very Dark Man was at the police station.

The issue may be connected to comments made by the duo in November 2023 about the late singer, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad.

Charity Reporters had reported that Mohbad died on 12th September, 2023. #Justice4MohBad became a social movement and protest following his death and subsequent allegations about the events that led to it.

Very Dark Man had lambasted Tonto Dikeh and others who called on the Nigerian police to release the body of the late singer for a befitting burial.

He said that Mohbad’s body could not be released for burial until the police had completed their interrogation.

It may also be connected to the alleged cyberbullying of Mohbad’s wife.

In December 2023, Wunmi, the wife of Mohbad, accused her father-in-law, Mr Aloba of threatening to kill her and her eight-month-old son, Liam through Very Dark Man and others based in South Africa and Nigeria.

Wunmi said Mohbad’s father accused her of being responsible for her husband’s death and that he vowed to take her and her son out of the way to gain full access to Mohbad’s properties.

She lamented that she had been receiving calls from Very Dark Man and a young man based in South Africa she identified as Hayat, telling her where she lived to prove that they could hurt her if they wanted.

She alleged that they had also threatened that they would never rest until they killed her and her son because she was blocking her father-in-law from gaining access to Mohbad’s properties.

Wunmi also accused her father-in-law of pushing to get her mother-in-law to be part of the conspiracy accusing her of poisoning Mohbad.

She said, “My father-in-law went to social media to say that I killed my husband. The reason he said that was because he didn’t want anything that belonged to my husband to be given to my son. He wants to have access to everything.

“He has called my husband’s legal team and everybody else possible but they told him it will be done in a proper legal way but he never wanted it to be so. That is why he went to the media to spoil my name.

“He has accused me of adding a poisonous substance to my husband’s food. He said it in court and also told the media that. He never knew it was my brother-in-law who prepared my husband’s last noodles. He thought I was the one. He said to the media that I used to add a poisonous substance to my husband’s food when he was alive.

“When he got to know that it was my brother-in-law, Adurah who prepared the noodles my husband ate before he died, he called my mother-in-law and told her that they should insist that I prepared the noodles my husband ate before he died and not my brother-in-law. He asked my brother-in-law to join him in accusing me of killing my husband but my mother-in-law and brother-in-law refused to be part of it.”

Speaking further, Wunmi said, “He has been on social media saying that I sleep around with different men. A Very Dark Man has also been on the media defaming me and my son. He has been telling people that my son is a bastard and that Sam Larry, who was among the people who bullied my husband, is responsible for my child.

“There is also a guy in South Africa called Hayat, who did a video a few days ago, saying that my son would die before he turns a year old and that he would make sure he finds me and kills me. He said he would not rest if he did not kill me.

“He said it was because of my son that my husband was killed. There has been a lot of cyberbullying. There are many”, She said.

MOHBAD: Nigeria Police Arrest Controversial Very Dark Man Over Cyber-bullying, Cyberstalking

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