The Return Of Quality Education

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The Return Of Quality Education

The Return Of Quality Education Through Enugu Preparatory School

The phrase, quality education is a common expression in our daily conversation. Most of the time, we use the phrase to imply the vague rather than the exact meaning. Nobody really cares actually, except now that it matters because we want change.

Every school owner will tell you their school provide quality education. And when they do this most times, they show the excellent results of their students/graduates.

Even parents want quality education for their children.

But what is the meaning of quality education? How do you know if a school provide quality education? As a school administrator, how do you ensure quality education in your school?

Find out by enrolling your ward in Enugu Preparatory School.

Enugu Preparatory School is synonymous to quality education in Nigeria, find below how you can enroll.

Are you a parent searching for an ideal early years and primary school where kids are nurtured with care by trained professionals who make learning fun, engaging, stimulating and challenging? Search no further.

Enugu Preparatory School is a 21st century school that offers high academic standards building well- rounded children with a resilient foundation who are globally competent in an ever changing world.
Enugu Preparatory School offers a broad and wholesome curriculum hinged on the EYFS, British and Nigerian curriculum with fully equipped classrooms for digital literacy, ideal teacher to child ratio and extracurricular activities such as coding, robotics, music, arts and many more.

For enquiries please call us on 09061851251 or 08038696869, [email protected]

You can visit us at No 1 Preparatory School close off Onyiuke Street, Thinkers’ Corner, Enugu.

EPS… building a solid foundation for a successful future.

What is Quality Education?

Whatever progress our society has made over the centuries is because of education. Being the foundation stone of society, education brings reforms, helps in progress and paves way for innovation. The importance of quality education cannot be undermined in a society, which is why great personalities have extensively written on its need in a civilized society.

It is because of education, that humans have been able to explore the vastness of the universe and the mystery of its existence in atoms. The concepts like gravity, cognitive dissonance, laser-guided surgical procedures and millions of more would not exist if education were not there to unleash our potential.

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