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Why Must You Visit Nsukka

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Why Must You Visit Nsukka

Why Must You Visit Nsukka

Nsukka is rapidly emerging as one of the most thriving cities in Igbo land, situated at the north of Enugu

Nsukka is a town and a Local Government Area in Enugu State, Nigeria. Nsukka shares a common border as a town with Edem, Opi, Ede-Oballa, and Obimo. The postal code of the area is 410001 and 410002 respectively referring to University of Nigeria Campus, and Nsukka Urban.

Nsukka is an agricultural-trade centre for the yams, cassava (manioc), corn (maize), taro, pigeon peas, and palm oil and kernels produced by the local Igbo (Ibo) people. Weaving is a traditional local craft. Coal deposits have been discovered east of Nsukka around Obolo, a town on the main Onitsha-Makurdi road.

Nsukka is rapidly emerging as one of the most thriving cities in Igbo land, situated at the north of Enugu. Initially known as a university town, it has transformed into a hub for agricultural trade, educational excellence, and a gateway connecting the East and North. Remarkably, it is the second largest city in Enugu State.

Below are some compelling reasons you must visit Nsukka.

1:Abundant Power Supply: Enjoy up to 20 hours of daily electricity.

2: Affordable Cost of Living: With just 100K, you can secure a self-contained room.

3: Excellent Infrastructure: Be assured of well-maintained roads, efficient drainage systems, and minimal risks of flooding.

4: Pristine Environment: Nsukka boasts of its green and clean surroundings.

5: Adequate Water Supply: Most streets have a reliable water supply.

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6: Favorable Business Environment: Setting up and running a business in Nsukka is cost-effective.

7: Thriving Middle Class: The city is home to a large middle class population, signifying economic stability.

8: Premier University: Nsukka proudly hosts the second best university in Nigeria.

9: Convenient Location: Situated near the heart of the country, Nsukka is easily accessible from anywhere.

10: Notable Grain Market: Nsukka is renowned for being home to the largest grain market.

11: Mild Weather: Experience pleasant temperatures, with an average of 22 degrees Celsius. Currently, it is quite cold, adding to the charm of the city.

Nsukka shares borders with Edem, Opi, Epe-Oballa, and Obimo, and is also home to the Igbo-speaking tribes in Kogi state.

According to the 2006 General Census, Nsukka had a population of 309,633 people, solidifying its status as one of the fastest-growing cities in Igbo land and Nigeria.

If you are considering starting a business or settling down, Nsukka should be at the top of your list, especially for those involved in the IT sector.

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