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Maurice Akueme Foundation knows no limits in alleviating, palliating and empowering ~ Hon Mike CJ Madu

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In an interview with Wawa Progressive, Udi Local Government Area Chapter, Hon Mike CJ Madu made it known that the Maurice Akueme Foundation knows no limits in alleviating, palliating and empowering.

Find below the excerpts from the interview;

Q. What is the full meaning of MAF and on what basis was it found ?

A. MAF is the acronym which represents Maurice Akueme Foundation.

It was founded by Chief Sir Maurice Emeka Akueme the Njikokamma 1 of Enugu State.

Maurice Emeka Akueme is from Ukana in Udi Local Government Area.

MAF was founded under the basis of alleviating, palliating and empowering the needy so basically MAF is a non government, non profitable, humanitarian organization which is formed solely to improve on the lives of the less privileged.

Q. Who are you or what is your role in this MAF sir ?

A. My name is Honorable Mike CJ Madu (Gburuchi), I am the National Coordinator Maurice Akueme Foundation, I am also the Chief Protocol Officer (CPO) to the Executive Chairman of Udi local government council Honorable Pascal Ifeanyi Agu.

Q. As the national Coordinator to this MAF, is there any particular service(s) this Non profitable organization is channeled to or gives ?

Oh, No we do not have any particular services, we are also not narrowed down to any particular kind of assistance, we are vast, we provide any kind of support that will benefit our people ranging from education, sports, music, food, cash, structures, etc.

MAF takes joy in sowing seed in the lives of our people.

We’ve done quite a lot, we offset hospital bills, we’ve spent over 2 million naira worth on hospital bills alone, we have people on scholarship.

Recently we launched the MAF Artist of the week.

It is a radio program with 99.9 Family Love FM Enugu. It is a one year contract after which we can renew. It is aimed at catching them young, we identify upcoming artists from Enugu State and put them on set to showcase their talent, we have also signed a few deals with upcoming artists.

The producer is Dan Dollar Music and Entertainment (DDM) based in the United States.

We are also on the process of constructing some units of lavatories in some secondary schools notably Affa and Ukana.

In fact what necessitated the donation of lavatories was when I paid an official visit to the principal of Amaozalla Affa secondary school, as I was discussing with the principal, I felt pressed and when I asked for the lavatory, I was directed to the bush(laughs)

A similar incidence occurred in Ukana when Ukana hosted the last year’s MAF inter secondary school quiz competition which we hold annually. During this event, participants and guests were directed to the bush to ease themselves because there are no lavatories.

Ukana is the home of the founder/president of MAF, I am also from Ukana so hence the saying “Charity begins at home”, we decided to make donations of some units of lavatories to Ukana and Affa schools, we have donated a set of foreign band to Ukana and we are currently working on their laboratory.

We are also working on building and/or renovating some bus stop at some strategic places where people can take cover during rain or scorching sun.

With all these you will agree with me that MAF is not narrowed down to any particular service(s). We are geared towards assisting the workaholic Governor of Enugu State Rt. Honorable Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, we are also geared towards rendering assistance to Udi local government chairman Honorable Pascal Ifeanyi Agu. So that is MAF. That’s who we are.

MAF is everywhere.

Q. Affa and Ukana has benefitted which is under Udi Local Government Area coordinate and MAF has this intentions of circulating this good deeds across the 17 Local Government Area in Enugu state, are this assertions correct ?

A. Well Affa and Ukana have benefitted just like almost every other ward in Udi Local Government. I make bold to state that MAF has inaugurated up to 62 chapters across Udi Local Government Area and still counting, Eke ward shall get her chapter soon. We do not do political wards because MAF is not a political organization or party, we do chapters in wards.

In some communities like Nachi, we have three chapters, in Ngwo we have three chapters. There’s hardly a community not ward we do not have at least one chapter.

Now specifically to your question; Yes! We intend to touch all local government areas of Enugu state and beyond and to affect the lives of the people positively.

Being the National Coordinator means that MAF goes beyond just Enugu state otherwise I would have been the state Coordinator.

We have MAF in Makurdi Benue state, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Kogi, Cross River where we have our multipurpose tailoring institution for the less privileged, I just graduated some of our students few months ago. There’s MAF in the UK, Uganda, Ghana.

MAF is a multinational organization going beyond Enugu state.

We intend to touch the lives of every one that needs to be assisted with the limited resources of MAF.

Note that MAF is funded by an individual who does not hold any political appointment or position. He is an income earner who believes in servicing his immediate family needs with little and then throwing the rest to charity.

Going further we started with Enugu West Senatorial Zone; Ezeagu, Awgu, Oji River, Aninri and we are soon migrating to Enugu North and East, although we have touched some persons from other zones, one of them goes by the Facebook name Destiny Destino, he is under MAF scholarship scheme, studying in Yabatech. He is a sculptor from Udenu, we have another upcoming artist from Isi Uzo aside the ones from the west already. We have members in Imo, Anambra, etc.

MAF does not segregate, MAF works as directed by the spirit, in the coming weeks MAF would have rounded up with anything like inauguration in Udi local government.

Q. Good move by MAF I must commend, We partner with any government or association that have good vision for Enugu and the country at large, having in mind that Waawa Progressive is a non political association which everyone in Enugu belongs to. would MAF want to do anything with Waawa Progressive ?

A. Of course, MAF would love to Parker with Waawa if its vision is clear.

Note that MAF partners with any visionary group.

I’m a Waawa man likewise the MAF president so we would love to partner with Waawa I’m the nearest future as long as we get a clear view of its goals and vision.

The president has received so many awards and several non political appointments because of his benevolence nature, some of which includes;

The Patron National Council of Enugu State Students.

The Grand Patron Enugu West Widows Association.

The Grand Patron Enugu Progressive Forum.

The Njikokamma 1 of Enugu state amongst others.

We operate an open door policy, you can visit the MAF office on the first floor of number 96 Zik Avenue Uwani, Enugu.

At this point Honorable Mike CJ Madu re echoed the readiness of MAF to partner with any association or organization that has a clear vision.

Q. Thank you very much Honorable, what is your final word to the people ?

A. Well I must say that I am elated, people who really understand what a charity organization is will know that MAF is meant for all and all for MAF.

MAF is quite accessible and in the grassroot and as such I encourage our people to try as much to grab the opportunities created by charity organizations instead of depending wholly on the government when this philanthropist and humanitarian is there to leverage the bulky load on the government by assisting them through alleviation, palliation, empowerment. Thank you.

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