Revolution For Freedom: Sure the Yoruba, Middle Belt, Eastern/Southern “Minorities” Will Join You? ~ Prof Obasi Igwe

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Revolution For Freedom: Sure the Yoruba, Middle Belt, Eastern/Southern “Minorities” Will Join You? ~ Prof Obasi Igwe


Revolution For Freedom: Sure the Yoruba, Middle Belt, Eastern/Southern “Minorities” Will Join You? ~ Prof Obasi Igwe

No genuine freedom without a revolution or a revolutionary war.

The IPOB had done a lot of mobilization and no Nigerian can now pretend ignorance of anything; probably more than 20,000 Igbo youths have already been extra-judicially murdered, buried alive or in several dungeons; sit-at-homes had been declared, schoolings and businesses have been sacrificed; Unknown ‘Gunmens’ have been organized against the Igbo in a seemingly coordinated parallel war to punish the Igbo for the misdeeds of being Igbo; the South and Middle Belt have been substantially deprived of effective presence in the military-security services, parastatals, civil service – practically everything – and continually being mocked and humiliated; the Middle Belt like the Igbo are now artificially created war zones with villages eradicated in the Middle Belt and new occupiers imposed, while Southern forests are under violent suspense; the ports, airports, borders and boundaries have been snatched, awaiting water resources, grazing areas and routes, more seaports, airports and roads “concessions”, etc. etc.

Sunday Igboho like Nnamdi Kanu and several Middle Belt and Southern youths are either in jail, missing or been murdered.

The count can go on and on with no end! Question: What else are the Yoruba, Tiv/Middle Belt, Southern nationalities, etc waiting for before joining the Igbo for the revolution to save and free everyone in Nigeria?

The Igbo respect and greatly need all these our beloved brothers and sisters, but the Igbo do not trust the seriousness of their claims of grievance against the foreign-armed Fulani caliphatic enslavement being implemented in Nigeria.

Ogoni, Ijaw, Middle Belt, etc leaders and caliphatic allies have been murdered by their slave masters, their places devastated, milked dry and occupied – yet, some of these elites, quite unlike their masses, by their actions seem to prefer all the humiliating proceedings than to join the Igbo even in a single day sit-at-home solidarity, or even coming out to condemn the staged wars against the Igbo peoples – or in the alternative, show what different line of peaceful or armed protest has to be taken.

The Igbo inundate all the churches outside Igboland: which single church leader in those places outside Igboland has condemned the unwarranted killings of the Igbo and demanded that they be stopped? While analysis is fundamental,
Igbo intelligentsia should go beyond analyses, and realize that while many non-Igbo have nothing against the Igbo, most of their elites, by their several actions and inactions give the impression that they prefer slavery and subjugation in Nigeria provided they are the preferred slaves, than freedom, equality and civilization with the Igbo in or outside Nigeria.

This is a complex mentality assisting the ongoing calamity and its divide-and-rule methodology.

The Igbo do not want war again inside Igbo society.

This is both logical and illogical; a source both of strength and weakness. Illogical because pacifism is often an invitation to aggression, and both the Fulani race to the coast and the Igbo independent minded pushful character must attract envy and war; logical even if simplistic because Igboland is not an independent sovereign state that can through its own line of communications attract external support, and there’s no wisdom in repeatedly giving others within the same polity the opportunity to coalesce against and devastate your land and populations.

The illogicality connotes both intellectual and military-security weakness, while the logic can inspire new thinking for practical strength.

Revolution For Freedom: Sure the Yoruba, Middle Belt, Eastern/Southern “Minorities” Will Join You? ~ Prof Obasi Igwe

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Part of that New Thinking is that:

1. The Igbo would no longer fight alone in Nigeria; other Nigerians have not shown sufficient proof that they are not waiting like before to join the Fulani in a full-scale war to totally eradicate the Igbo.

This pacifism while not securing us peace now, is at least attracting to us a few even if inadequate domestic and international hearing and maybe also room for manoeuvre.

2. The Igbo need a trusted, unpurchasable, strong and reliable elites: politicians, businessmen, press and civil society activists, knowledgeable academics, professionals and intelligentsia to plot the way forward.

This has not been easy at all given the multifaceted strength of the state system and the fickle nature of man (just see how easily Kanu was betrayed in Kenya!), but it has to be done.

Three basic alternatives face Nigerians today: either a proper restructuring to provide for a relative self-determination and full development of the potentials of every individual and groups within Nigeria; a breakup by whatever means in whatever groupings; or the continuation of the ongoing offensive and complete “transformation” of Nigeria from a prospective modern democratic secular state to a completely Fulanized islamic feudal Caliphate – the only Caliphate to be allowed by the world powers to survive or exist in the world after the destruction of its several alter egos elsewhere.

As the non-caliphatic groups in Nigeria struggle for the survival of their lives, lands and civilizations, every Igbo man or woman, those with their children and families or themselves safely flown abroad, as well as every Nigerian should examine their consciences whether their actions or inactions are promoting the emancipation of the people, and the legacy they hope to leave behind for posterity.

Prof. Obasi Igwe.

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