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Sources of Mkpûrû Mmîrî By Professor Obasi Igwe

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Sources of Mkpûrû Mmîrî By Professor Obasi Igwe

Sources of Mkpûrû Mmîrî By Professor Obasi Igwe

To know source of a problem first identify who’s benefiting from it. You can bet, it cannot be too far from the same “sources” that used all manner of pretexts to send war and destruction to Igbo society in part revenge for the drugs-related destructions they brought on their own youths emulating the elders; largely manufacturing “Unknown Gunmen” to legitimize the extra-judicial killings of Igbo youths – and turning round to blame the Igbo when almost all practical evidence points to stagemanaging; and extrapolating all this against a certain “Igbo Presidency”, etc.

We know that criminals exist everywhere, and there are Igbo that are violent criminals, many of whom in reaction to the deliberate military provocations childishly reacted violently, but they are not more in proportions than elsewhere, and whereas others go into crimes despite all official pamperings, most Igbo youths are pushed into doing so by officially targeted extreme oppression and victimizations in jobs, admissions, levies, etc.

The propaganda machine is now unleashed that it’s “Mexican Drug Cartel” that devised to send Mkpuru Mmiri to Igbo society.

Is it through the Port Harcourt ports that had long been blocked or through the airspace that the drug lords are sending the poisons without deep state connivance or even sponsorship? What specifically bothers Mexicans about some group of Nigerians called Igbo?

After the unwarranted killings and hate-speeches against the Igbo this federal government has to go a very long way to regain the confidence of anybody, even including the steadily shrinking number like some of us who given the objective international and domestic situations consistently try to persuade that a relative self-determination in a proper restructuring can substantially provide for the optimal self-development of every group and individual in Nigeria.

From Unknown Gunmen we are now face to face with Unknown Mexicans – all, most possibly known to some operatives of this federal government.

Okay, let the federal government access the Interpol to arrest and expose the Mexicans sending Mkpuru Mmiri to the Igbo.

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Nnamdi Kanu should be released – and this must be unconditional – because self-determination is no crime, and confronting AK-47 terrorists killing locals, destroying farms and claiming indigenous territories in no way amounts to terrorism or war against Nigeria, except the Miyetti Allah vision of it.

This clash between civilization and caliphatic enslavement and primitivism must be resolved in favour of civilization that only a modern cercular state promotes.

IPOB has listened and ended sit-at-homes, but now it’s still apparently in the interest of some “Unknown People” for the continuation of the suicide.

Where are Igbo political leaders, press gurus, think tanks, mighty men of commerce and industry, intelligentsia, conscious masses? Correct analyses are key to correct solutions.

Nigerians are facing a multifaceted war of immense proportions, and the Igbo suffer exceedingly because while some others have a prayerful wait and see attitude to the evil, Igbo youths are seen as the most conscious against it.

Willy-nilly, President Buhari is being pushed into some sort of restructuring; where are the Igbo beyond the enclavist mentality called Southeast that are like others preparing for the sudden announcement that must spring up someday.

Kings Interiors Hilltop, Nsukka
Kings Interiors Hilltop, Nsukka

Prof Obasi Igwe is from Etiti-Ama in Nkporo at Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria.

The professor of Political Science at University of Nigeria, Nsukka, is also an (First Class Honours) alumnus of the institution.

He taught briefly at the Nigerian Defense Academy, Zaria before returning to UNN, his alma mater in 1980.

In 2015, he was appointed the acting HOD of Political Science Department after the then substantive HOD was suspended by Professor Benjamin Chukwuma Ozumba, the Vice Chancellor.

His works have been cited at least 173 times on Google Scholars.

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