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The Maurice Akueme Foundation Donates First Aid Boxes And Kits to 20 Selected Public Schools in Udi LGA in Honor of Hon Pascal Agu’s Birthday and in its Continuous Partnership With Enugu State Govt.

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The Maurice Akueme Foundation Donates First Aid Boxes And Kits to 20 Selected Public Schools in Udi LGA in Honor of Hon Pascal Agu’s Birthday and in its Continuous Partnership With Enugu State Govt.

The Maurice Akueme Foundation (MAF) in its continuous act of giving and the founder’s insight towards the fact that most public schools lacks adequate first aid services donates twenty first aid boxes and kits to 20 selected public schools in Udi Local Government Area.

In the Tuesday event of honoring the Udi Local Government Chairman’s Birthday which lasted for an hour; details about the Maurice Akueme Foundation was further explained to the Mayor and members of the Local Government Executive.

The activities of the Maurice Akueme Foundation was reiterated and re-echoed thus;

The MAF team which visited the Mayor of Udi LGA area remunerated some of the achievements recorded by Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme through his Foundation highlighting palliation of rural dwellers both within and outside Enugu state, Uganda, UK, etc, the free tailoring centers across different states of the federation, ICT centers in different LGAs in Enugu state which has produced over 100 well learned ICT graduates every year, award of bursaries and scholarship to both indigenes and non indigenes of Udi LGA, the constitution of the MAF Medical team, the MAF Girl’s Club Empowerment Initiative, the MAF widows and pensioners welfare packages, MAF support for petty traders, MAF youth empowerment scheme, MAF Football Club, MAF drama club to enhance and empower young talents, The MAF Journals to assist growing businesses, etc.

Chief Marice Emeka Akueme who was present through a video chat praised the Mayor for his wonders and transformational agendas in the LGA and promised to continue to support and partner with his Administration and that of the state Governor Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

He thanked the Mayor for making out time despite tight schedule and finally wished the Mayor more years on earth, more goodwill in his leadership pattern and more tenure in office.

Birthday song was sang, cake was cut and the First Aid boxes and kits were handed over to the Mayor who inspected and confirmed all content.

Hon. Ifeanyi Pascal Agu who could not hide his feelings in response praised Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme for all he has been doing for the people of Udi LGA and Enugu state in general, he said;

See Video below;


“His thoughtfulness and right hand of fellowship extended to the local government is well received.

“On behalf of Udi local government council and my family, we want to say a big thank you to Chief Maurice Akueme.

“The foundation is making giant strides that I feel every plant, robust philanthropist and every person who has a humane disposition to the humanity should be able to find something to emulate from the Maurice Akueme Foundation(MAF).

“Chief Maurice is a unique human being and he is typical of true sons of Udi.

“He is a great ambassador and his quality as a human being is exceptional and is placed amongst great men and counted in the same breath as men like Nze Philip Okoh, Phinotech, etc who have shown great sense of generosity and philanthropy. These people emulate the Governor of Enugu state by helping the orphans the less privileged etc.

“I personally say thank you to chief Maurice for celebrating me on my birthday and with the rest of Udi local government area to tell you that all the things you’ve been doing we’ve been taking records, we commend you.

“If we have more people like Maurice Akueme in Udi local government area, I believe we would be the best anywhere in the world”.


The Maurice Akueme Foundation being what it is known for; empowerment and encouragement, alleviation and palliation – the team that visited the Mayor on their way back to Enugu decided have a brief stop at KAF Jacule’s, the female shoe maker(Angela Kelechi) who’s also a member of MAF to check on the progress she’s making and they were wowed at the extent of the growth in her business, she thanked Maurice Akueme for support so far and when asked of challenges she presented that the only challenges she has is a shop space and a few other working tools to be complete as the owner of her current site has given her an ultimatum to exit the place. She also promised to partner with MAF on skill acquisition as a producer of foot wears, custard, etc.

By Madu Chinaza

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