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We Cannot Forget Akueme’s Good Works Through His MAF ~ James Udeh

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We cannot forget Akueme’s good works through his MAF ~ James Udeh.

A Youth of Enugu origin has taken to some social media platforms to eulogize the good deeds of the founder/president of Maurice Akueme Foundation Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme(Njikokamma Enugu State).

James Udeh didn’t mince words in describing the exact person of Akueme in his article titled “We Can’t Forget Your Good Works MAF”.

James Udeh a descent of Udi from Nsude to be precise made his submission about Akueme in the following paragraphs.

“I have learnt in life that people might forget what you said, people might also forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

“Sir Maurice Emeke Akueme has shown that it takes nothing from you to make people feel happy, loved and important”.

“Those great and happy feelings he brought to people can never be erased”.

“Since the inception of MAF, it has focused on the suffering of people, the less privileged, the old and weary, giving them hope for a better future”.

“Once all these people are taken care of through careful nurture, education and skill delivery, poverty will be quickly eradicated and the dignity of humanity is restored”.

“Through this foundation, Sir Maurice has been able to touch lives of people and make them feel special”.

“The list of people who have benefited from this foundation are too numerous to mention”.

“There is no other non – profitable organisation that takes the conditions of internally displaced persons as the Abagana and Dauda IDP camps in Benue state will attest”.

“Sir Akueme’s novel approach was recently recognized during the Covid-19 pandemic”.

“His intervention was felt and appreciated in the 17 Enugu state Local Government in form of necessities like food items clothes, drugs and other necessities”.

“MAF runs a non profit tailoring center in Calabar, Cross River where free training in tailoring, fashion and design is done for 18 months”.

“The students learning are also empowered after the training to become independent”.

“He runs a full time scholarship program with a number of beneficiaries too numerous to mention”.

MAF appreciates, encourages talents, entrepreneurial spirit and grant small businesss with support”.

“In our present time, he has given more hope, delivered and brought joy to the people who have none”.

“Chief Sir Maurice Emeka Akueme is the man of the people, the people’s choice, the man in people’s heart”.

“He can never run dry because people always table him to God for more blessings”.

“There’s nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others”.

“That man with a beautiful golden heart is Chief Sir Maurice Emeka Akueme”.

“The difference he makes in people’s lives can not be competed without him”.

We Cannot Forget Akueme’s Good Works Through His MAF as written by a joyful youth.

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